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RCB, Royal Challengers Bangalore (soon to become Bengaluru we hear), why has this favourite team of ours never managed to win an IPL tournament! The fan following for this team has been epic, yet every year this humongous chunk of cricket lovers are let down. What is it that was not going right for RCB? The choice of players? The players not playing in the right order or not being at their best? Is it the execution of ideas? Is it the spirit of the team?

Every year this team looks formidable on paper, yet crashes out in the league matches. They have time and again been found at the bottom of the entire league. So here we are trying to come to an agreement, as to why this super wagon called RCB has not been able to race to the first.

If we look back two years right from 2018 through 2020, we have made quite a few observations that might point out to where things are going wrong.

  • RCB has always been too dependent on it’s opening batsmen. Relying a bit too much on their performance will only sink their spirits in case tat pair fails to perform.
  • The batting order for RCB has always been loaded on the top. Beyond that they did not have any batsman that could be considered as match finishers. The balance of the order of players never seemed right.
  • A steady combination of batsmen has still not appeared on their team list.
  • Below standard death bowling has plagued RCB for quite a bit. Specialist and dangerous bowlers (Yuzavendra Chahal) finishing their overs quite early in the matches have left the death overs under attack by the opposite team’s batsmen.
  • Bowlers expected to shine have failed to perform. (Umesh Yadav)
  • RCB’s approach in the field has always been of intensity rather than tactics. The focus in such matches should be from ball to ball rather than from over to over. Here’s where RCB needs to find advice.
  • Doubts have been cast on the kind of players being selected, the amount of money being invested seems off balance by RCB investing a lot on one player and then trying to compensate this cost with the rest of the hiring.
  • A lot has been said about how the management depends more on foreign talent and is maybe overlooking abundant local talent around them.
  • Star openers did not get the guns going despite this expensive hiring bout. (McCullum)
  • Some valuable players were let off is also being seen as an expensive mistake.(Chris Gayle)
  • Lately their fielding has earned them the tag of “butter fingers” as they let singles become fours and catches being dropped.
  • Ashish Nehra being made their coach hasn’t made the fans very happy. Maybe he is not the best for them they say.
  • Luck too might have played spoilsport as in the game against Rajasthan in 2019.
  • Last but not the least, Kohli’s captaincy has been rightly criticized by Gautam Gambhir, that he isn’t making the right decisions. Md.Siraj being retained in the team despite him getting hammered by the batsmen is one example.

Why RCB is favourite team this year # IPL 2020 UAE

BUT, 2020 looks a bit brighter for RCB. Including Aaron Finch in the team will definitely add power and inclusion of Hetmyer would bring balance to the middle order. Chris Morris and Dale Steyn in the bowling pack is a welcome change. The fans are now a little relieved that the team is no more (very) dependent on the two main players (Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers) .

So here’s one look into the RCB IPL2020 squad. Hoping to see them shine this time and win IPL 2020 title in UAE!

RCB IPL2020 Team Members
RCB Team Members

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