Great to hear that you are interested to work with us. There are many site based on cricket, this site ICC Cricket Schedule will be mainly based on below –

  • All the coming international cricket match schedule.
  • Cover all format of match (20 20, one day, test etc)
  • We will only concentrate on schedule, Fixtures, Time Table & Team
  • We will target all the coming match till 2019.
  • We will try to cover more and more on world cup matches, venue, ticket, team, key players.
  • We can have individual pages for all the key players in cricket.  (Name, country for which he play, format of the cricket, ranking, family background, achievement, what they like, which are of the cricket they master etc..


Term & Condition of the project:

This project will be ongoing project

This project will be on profit sharing basis.

Profit means all kind of the income from this website (AdSense income, Other Advertisement, acquisition of this website from other company)

We will share same income among all the partners.


Future of this project:

As per my experience sports is the evergreen field. There are lots of the opportunity in this area. Top 20 cricket website/margins in the world monthly income is more that 50k$. If we can concentrate on this niche we can easily make at least 1000$ permanent in next 3 month of tenure. Once established we can either sell this website in good amount or make this brand and earn good amounts regularly.


If u are agree to work with me we can sign agreement and start working on this. Let me know your input on this.

contact on or post your contact here –