Rohit Sharma once again pays faith in Virat Kohli amid poor run of scores
Image: BCCI

Rohit Sharma once again pays faith in Virat Kohli amid poor run of scores: The every second cricketing discussion in the world seems to be associated with Virat Kohli’s dip in the form right now. Right from distinguished experts to fans and supporters, everyone is talking about Kohli’s wobbling batting form and is keen to take the discussion further. 

The Indian team has been questioned several times for backing out-of-form Virat Kohli and not giving chances to the deserving players. Even Indian skipper Rohit Sharma has backed Kohli quite a few times, of late, when he was asked about Virat’s poor outings.

Sharma, who himself enjoyed Kohli’s backing during his slump form, said the form of a player can go up and down, but the quality never takes a hit. He reiterated the fact that Virat has won so many matches and will need just a few innings to return to his best.

“He has played so many matches for so many years. He has been such a great batsman, so he does not need reassurance. I pointed this in my last press conference, too: form goes up and down, that is part and parcel of any cricketer’s career. So, a player like him, who has played for so many years, who has made so many runs, who has won so many matches, for him, he only needs one or two good innings (to bounce back),” said Rohit Sharma backing Virat Kohli in one of his recent press conferences.

At a time when several people are calling out for Virat’s removal from the team and giving a chance to the other players who have been performing in their limited opportunities, Rohit’s backing will be crucial for the former Indian skipper. 

Rohit Sharma, whose captaincy style clearly demonstrates backing the quality player, won’t bench Virat Kohli at any cost.

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Jos Buttler on Virat’s poor form:

Even Jos Buttler, England’s white-ball skipper, stood by Virat Kohli during his pale outing in international cricket. Buttler asserted that Kohli’s poor scores prove that he is human too. He, however, admitted that players do go through certain phases where things don’t go their way.

“I suppose in a little way it’s quite refreshing for the rest of us that he (Kohli) is human and he can have a couple of low scores as well, but look he has been one of the best players, if not the best player in ODI cricket in the world. So, he’s been a fantastic player for so many years and all batters, it just proves, go through runs of form where they don’t perform as well as they can do sometimes,” Buttler said during a press conference.

“But certainly, as an opposition captain, you know a player of that class is always due, so you’re hoping that it doesn’t come against us. Yeah, incredibly surprised, as I said, his record speaks for himself. The matches he’s won for India and yeah, why would you question that,” he added.

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