T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup 2022 has begun with lots of pomp and show. The excitement is very much present amongst the fans of several countries who shall be able to witness some extraordinary amount of cricketing action.

The biggest cricketing event of the year will be including several top notch cricketing nations battling it out within themselves to find out as to who’s the best in the world. 

The tournament which is supposedly beginning from 16th of October onwards will include the group stages wherein 8 teams will be participating, 4 of whom shall be going through to the Super 12s. However another major rule has been declared that will be of great impact during the upcoming event is related to COVID 19 tests.

The latest regulations that have been made regarding the COVID 19 tests is that players who test positive for Covid-19 will be allowed to play the T20 World Cup matches.

Earlier the rules said that the players who test positive for the virus shall have to isolate for a certain period of time and could only join the team once they’ve fully recovered and tested negative.

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Image Credit: ICC/Twitter

ICC has said that COVID 19 testing and isolation periods shall not be a mandatory thing during the T20 World Cup even if a player tests COVID positive midway between the tournament. The onus will be on the doctors as it will be their duty to handle the unforeseen situations and they shall be the ones “to assess whether it is appropriate” for players to take part in the match if they get COVID-19.

Another thing that has been confirmed by the ICC is that the teams shall be allowed to make requisite changes to their squad in case any of their players test positive. The same player shall be permitted to join the squad once again once he returns a negative test thereby proving the fact that he’s fully recovered.

With these changes in rules and regulations related to the COVID 19, the T20 World Cup 2022 shall surely be an unique one for the teams, their management, selectors and the support staffs in particular.

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