Vinod Kambli
Vinod Kambli (Image Source: Twitter)

Vinod Kambli, once the future of Indian cricket or the player who was sighted to be the next big thing in cricket, was struggling with finances. He was struggling to make ends meet. From once being the best left-hander at his age to facing this grim situation Vinod Kambli has done it all. He has had a life full of experiences. To help him deal with the financial crunch a Maharashtrian business has offered him a job. Here is an in-depth look: 

Vinod Kambli Dealing with Bankruptcy: 

In an interview with one of the top dailies, Vinod Kambli recently stated that he had run out of cricketing assignments. And was struggling to make ends meet. He said, “My family is living off the 30000 that I receive from the BCCI as a pension. I also have a family to feed and a living to make. I am not asking for money but work in my field of love.”  

Vinod has seen the best and the worst of worlds. The cricket community has seen him shed tears on Live TV because of his passion for Indian Cricket. His lifestyle and way of living have often been criticized but that has nothing to do with his professionalism on the field. He is a true lover of the game and the skill and game sense that he has is still up to the mark. His last “well-to-do” cricketing assignment was in the Mumbai T20 League as a coach. 

Kambli gets a Job Paying 1 Lakh Rupees Per Month: 

A well-off businessman in Mumbai has offered Vinod Kambli a job in the finance section of his business. Sahyadri Udyog Samooh happens to be a firm in Mumbai and Sandeep Thorat is its owner. He has offered Vinod this job.  

Vinod Kambli and his Sheer Talent: 

Vinod Kambli and Sachin tendulkar
Sachin and Kambli. IMG SRC: Banglore Mirror

Imagine having a left-handed Sachin Tendulkar in the Indian cricket team. Vinod was that good. But a run of low scores led to him getting dropped; from then on, it was all downhill. He did have a flamboyant lifestyle, he was expressive as well, but this is exactly what Virat Kohli does and the audience loves it. There isn’t a comparison between the two but criticizing Vinod for his off-field activities is none of our business. He scored 700+ runs in his first 4 test matches. Now, that speaks volumes of greatness.  

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