SRH Vs RCB Head to Head: IPL Stats

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) played total 15 matches with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). SRH won 8 matches and KXIP won 6 matches

SRH Vs RCB Head to Head from IPL season 2008 to 2019.

2013April-07Sunrisers HyderabadSuper OverHyderabad
2013April-09Royal Challengers Bangalore7 WicketsBengaluru
2014May-04Royal Challengers Bangalore4 WicketsBengaluru
2014May-20Sunrisers Hyderabad7 WicketsHyderabad
2015April-13Sunrisers Hyderabad8 WicketsBengaluru
2015May-15Royal Challengers Bangalore6 WicketsHyderabad
12 Apil 201612 Apil 2016Royal Challengers Bangalore45 RunsBengaluru
2016April-30Sunrisers Hyderabad15 RunsHyderabad
2016May-29Sunrisers Hyderabad8 RunsBengaluru
2017April-05Sunrisers Hyderabad35 RunsHyderabad
2018May-07Sunrisers Hyderabad5 RunsHyderabad
2018May-17Royal Challengers Bangalore14 RunsBengaluru
2019March-31Sunrisers Hyderabad118 RunsHyderabad
2019May-04Royal Challengers Bangalore4 WicketsBengaluru
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