Most Popular IPL Teams
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The IPL is a festival of cricket. It is a tournament that features the best players in the world. It is a competition filled with enthusiasm and charisma. Who doesn’t love this fun-filled event? The fans are what add value to the teams. The teams, their lifestyles, and their inside stories are all shared on social media. Social media has now become a platform where fans interact more with their favorite players. Some IPL teams have grown these pages so well that they have been earning revenue via them. So, which are the most popular IPL teams on social platforms? Here’s a look: 

Gujarat Titans (0.2 million): 

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Gujarat Titans grabbed a few followers and eyeballs when they launched their logo on the metaverse platform. IMG SRC: Business Today.

With a fan following of 0.2 million fans on Instagram within 2 weeks, the Gujarat Titans franchise has shown good progress. The team and its fan base will be growing over the years after exceptional performances. Gujarat has a lot of potentials and their poster boy is Hardik Pandya who is one of the top media personalities. With his swag, this number will increase four-folds. 

Lucknow Super Giants (0.5 million): 

Lucknow Super Giants is the most expensive franchise in the history of the IPL. At 7090 Crores, the LSG team bought a lot of buzz around itself. Their Instagram handle was launched 1 month ago and it has 0.5 million followers. This number too will grow as and when the teams get on the pitch. They have associated themselves with a fashion model-like leader, KL Rahul. Rahul has also featured on the front page of GQ, the fashion magazine.  

Rajasthan Royals (8.4 million) is one of the most popular IPL teams: 

The Royals Content Team has worked on generating creative content.

One of the fastest-growing fan bases is that of the Rajasthan Royals. The credit has to go to their creative content team. Over the past six months, the RR Twitter page and insta page has raked in millions of followers. The content on these media pages has become funny, witty and the tweets have become interesting. The editing team also needs to be given credit. With the likes of Ashwin, Butler, and Devdutt Padikkal coming in, the young ladies are also going to follow this franchise. They have 2.2 million IG followers, 4.3 million Facebook followers, and 1.9 million Twitter followers. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad (11.1 million): 

SRH has an avid fan base. The south Indian people were not only in love with Allu Arjun but also David Warner. David Warner was the face of this franchise. His recent funny posts and TikTok videos in the lockdown helped the SRH page grow too. Some male followers also follow to see the very beautiful Kaviya Maran in action. They have 6 million followers on FB, 2.9 million followers on Twitter, and 2.2 million followers on Instagram.  

Delhi Capitals (12.2 million) is one of the most popular IPL teams: 

The Capitals have roped in Agarkar as the Assistant Coach.

The Delhi Capitals never fail to impress their fans. The team is filled with players who are loved by the followers of the sport. Rishabh Pant, Marcus Stoinis, Shreyas Iyer, and the duo of Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan, helped them grow a presence online. These players look fun to hang out with and are very presentable. They have 3 million insta followers, 2.2 million Twitter followers, and 7 million Facebook followers. Now they have David Warner in the team who is a social media legend in himself.  

Punjab Kings (13.7 million) is one of the most popular IPL teams: 

The Punjabi Munde has 8.5 million Facebook followers, 2.5 million Instagram followers, and 2.7 million Twitter followers. They started first with the likes of Yuvi, Maxi and then went to KL Rahul and Chris Gayle. They have always had a very marketable player in their team. Not to forget the gorgeous Preity Zinta and her fanbase too. Punjab also backs a lot of local talent like Mandeep Singh, Harpreet Brar, and Arshdeep Singh which gives a sense of credibility to the fans.  

Royal Challengers Bangalore (23 million) is one of the most popular IPL teams: 

Royal Challengers Bangalore is the team with the most honest and most lovable fanbase. The team from the south has fans from North and central India too. Virat Kohli, the poster boy of international cricket is the poster bot of this team. They have had amazing individuals like Chris Gayle, the Universe Boss, Mr 360 ABD, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Starc, and Yuzi Chahal. The recent exploits of Yuzi on TikTok are loved by every follower. The team has 9.4 million followers on Facebook, 8.1 million on Instagram, and 5.5 million followers on Twitter. Not to forget the RCB girl who got the male followers to the RCB page. 

Kolkata Knight Riders (23.2 million): 

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No one brings in a bigger brand value than SRK himself. IMG SRC: AsiaNet News.

The boys from Bengal have 2.9 Instagram followers, 16 million Facebook followers, and 4.3 million Twitter followers. KKR is associated with the “King of Bollywood”, Shahrukh Khan. The charmer itself brings in millions of followers. In the initial stages, the lovers of Dada Ganguly developed a keen interest in this team. Gautam Gambhir bought the team on-field success and the stocks began to rise off the field as well. KKR is also the team that started the concept of merchandise.  

Chennai Super Kings (30.2 million) is one of the most popular IPL teams: 

A True MSD fan sharing his love on Twitter!

The fanbase has a lot to do with your performance on the field. CSK has mastered this art. They started with the most loved Indian cricketer as their captain. MSD, MS, Mahi Bhai, Dhoni, Thala, or whatever you call him! Dhoni is loved by all. The duo of Thala and China Thala (Suresh Raina) is something that friends looked up to. The people of Madras are in love with this team. The team has always had Superstars with a big face value. Matthew Hayden, Suresh Raina, Muttiah Muralitharan, and Dwayne Bravo. Bravo and his moves on the field are loved by the community. They have 8.1 million followers on Twitter, 9.6 million followers on Instagram, 12.5 million followers on Facebook. 

Mumbai Indians (30.3 million):  

Mumbai Indians, the most successful franchise in the IPL is also the most followed franchise on social media. Aamchi Mumbai has a” One Family” of 8.3 million fans on Twitter, 8.9 million fans on Instagram, and 13.1 million followers on Facebook. Mumbai Indians also happen to sell the most merchandise. The team started with Sachin Tendulkar as the face and then moved on to another local boy Rohit Sharma. Sachin initially bought in the followers. He after all is the “God of Cricket”. Sanath Jayasuriya bought the Lankan fans too. Pollock bought the South African fans. And ever since the fanbase has been growing. The Pandya Brothers, Kieron Pollard, Bumrah, and Rohit have ensured this growth. 

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