Lucknow Team
The video is posted on the official Twitter handle of Lucknow IPL Team. IMG SRC: Indian Express.

The excitement for the name of the Lucknow Franchise has finally ended. After all the netizens guessed the name as Lucknow Rangers or Lucknow Panthers, the name was unveiled as Lucknow Super Giants. The name is similar to the franchise that was from Pune and owned by Sanjeev Goenka. Lucknow Super Giants has recruited KL Rahul, Ravi Bishnoi, and Marcus Stoinis. Here is an in-depth look at the same: 

Lucknow Super Giants Name Unveiled: 

The owner of the Lucknow-based franchise, Sanjeev Goenka revealed the name of the franchise. The name of the franchise is Lucknow Super Giants. The team’s name was announced on Twitter yesterday evening. Sanjeev Goenka himself appeared in the video and made the announcement. The name was hilariously received by the cricket community. The name was a rage on Twitter.  

Several Twitter users predicted the name to be “Lucknow Rangers” or “Lucknow Panthers” but the name revealed was different. The Lucknow team has already picked 3 players from the draft before the auction. The three players chosen are KL Rahul for 17 Crore Indian Rupees, Marcus Stoinis for 9.2 Crore Indian Rupees, and Ravi Bishnoi for 4 Crore Indian Rupees. Earlier the franchise was bought by the RPSG Group in the bidding process for the highest bid of 7090 Crore Indian Rupees. This happens to be the BCCI’s most lucrative brand deal of recent times.  

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Rashid Khan was also considered in place of Ravi Bishnoi. IMG SRC: SportsRush.

Lucknow Super Giants in IPL 2022 Mega Auction: 

Some Twitter users had hilarious memes on the chosen name for the franchise!

The Lucknow Super Giants will enter the IPL 2022 Mega Auction with a large purse of money. Earlier this month both the two new IPL teams, Lucknow Super Giants owned by RPSG Group and Ahmedabad Franchise owned by CVC Capitals Group received clearance from the BCCI to start their processes.  

Some fans showed their dejection in their very own way!!

The Lucknow team has appointed a great and experienced support staff. The team coach is Andy Flower who has previously been the coach for the England National Team. The Assistant Coach is Vijay Dahiya. Vijay was associated with the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2012 and 2014 as well. Last but not least Gautam Gambhir is appointed as a mentor in the team. Gautam has already won the IPL title twice under his leadership and this improves his portfolio.  

IPL 2022 Mega Auction Details: 

Over 1200 players had dropped in their name for the IPL 2022 Mega Auction. But of these 1214 players, 896 were Indian and 318 were foreign players. All of these will go under the hammer in the 2-day event in Bengaluru on the 13th and 14th of February. Of these 270 are capped 903 are uncapped and 41 are players from associate nations.  

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