Shreyas Iyer
Shreyas Iyer | IMG SRC: TOI

Shreyas Iyer off late has been having a decent time on the field. He isn’t doing exceptionally well but his numbers are not too bad. Iyer made it to the national test team in the New Zealand Series after Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane were sacked. Iyer made the most of the given opportunity and scored a hundred on debut in Kanpur. Here is a look at the current situation of this batter: 

Does Shreyas Iyer have a Weakness Against the Short Ball? 

One point that has been in the talk is the fact that Iyer has a weakness against the short ball. But is that the case actually or has Iyer just run out of luck? The numbers might say that Iyer is weak against the short ball but his dismissals look very unlucky. He was dismissed 3 to 4 times to the short ball in the IPL but those were instances of the ball getting the odd bounce of the wicket. Once it was against Jasprit Bumrah who was having a great day on the field.  

In the recent dismissal in the test match against England, Iyer was countering the short delivery very well. He applied the strategy of attacking. So, every time a short ball was bowled, he tried to pull or hook it. He was very successful up till he mistimed one and handed out a catch. But if that ball was timed to perfection, it would have sailed over the fence for 6! And maybe after that, the English bowlers would have had to change their strategies.  

Suresh Raina was also Said to have a Weakness Against the Short Ball: 

Earlier, even Suresh Raina was marred with the tag that he has a weakness against the short ball. At the far end of his career, Raina did have an evident weakness but in his prime, he was marred by opportunities. The reason is that when a word of your weakness spreads around at the international level, the opposition tries to exploit that aspect.  

Simon Doull in an interview with CricBuzz said that Raina doesn’t stand a chance in the TATA IPL 2022 Mega Auction because of this very reason that he hasn’t improved his game against the short ball.  

Shreyas Iyer Can Be Ideal Number 6 or Number 5 Batter: 

Test Cricket is all about patience. This is what an orthodox cricket fan would say. But today, test cricket has also started to move at a faster pace. The England Cricket team has ushered a new era in test cricket after the New Zealand Tour of England 2022. The team has started believing that targets beyond 350 can be chased on the last day as well. With this shift of momentum, Shreyas can be an ideal player for the test team. Shreyas on his day is one of the best stroke players in the game.  

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