IPL 2023

The IPL 2023 season will begin in just a few days. The BCCI has always tried to make the IPL interesting. It has tried by introducing new teams, new players, and several unique concepts. The “Impact Player” rules are another such attempt at making the IPL interesting. But what exactly is the rule about? What are the details of that rule? Does it mean that a team can have 12 players? Here is a look at all the details of the latest “Impact Player” rule introduced by the BCCI for the IPL 2023: 

IPL 2023: “Impact Player” Rule: 

The Impact Player rule looks to be very simple. The IPL 2023 teams can nominate 4 substitute players in the team sheet and one of these players can be used as an “Impact Player” throughout the game. For example, if Jasprit Bumrah is not playing a game for the Mumbai Indians but Rohit Sharma wants him to at least bowl the death overs, Rohit can nominate him in the team sheet as a substitute and bring him on as an “Impact player” in the 16th over of the Mumbai bowling innings. But there are a few intricacies to this rule. 

“Impact Player” Rule doesn’t allow 5 Overseas, at a time only 4 Overseas Players are Allowed: 

IPL 2023
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The “Impact Player” rule mostly will be applicable only to Indian players. It will be applicable for the overseas players only in the case of the team starting with 3 overseas players. Basically, at a time there cannot be more than 4 foreign players in a team. This can be understood by an example.  

If the Mumbai Indians have Pollard, Sams, Mills, and Time David on the pitch already, they cannot bring on Riley Meredith as the “Impact Player”. As that will take the number of overseas players to 5. But if the Mumbai Indians have started with Pollard, Sams, and Mills being the only overseas players in the 11, they can bring on Tim David any time as they will have only 4 overseas players on the pitch at that time.  

When Can the Impact Player Be called to Play? 

  1. Before the start of the innings. 
  1. After completion of an over. 
  1. in case of a batter, at the fall of the wicket, or the batter retiring at any time during the over. (But the impact player cannot bowl the rest of the over) 

Other Key Points about the “Impact Player” Rules in IPL 2023: 

  1. Once a player is replaced by an “Impact Player”, the replaced player or the one who was playing earlier cannot come back on the field. He cannot even be bought on as a substitute fielder. Once replaced, the player is totally out of the match.  
  1. An “Impact Player” cannot act as captain.  
  1. In the case of the bowling team having an “Impact Player”, the player can bowl his full quota of 4 overs in an uninterrupted game irrespective of how many overs have been bowled by the player he replaces. If Ravi Bishnoi replaces Krunal Pandya for LSG after Pandya has bowled 2 overs, Ravi Bishnoi still gets a chance to bowl his 4 overs in any way.  

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