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The BCCI has had grand success in conducting the entire IPL 2022 season in India. The plan of holding the tournament on the 4 grounds near and around Mumbai was successfully pulled off. The tournament is a great success with only a quarter of it left. Every game in this festival of cricket has been a nail-biting encounter. Apart from the 3 most successful teams in the IPL, every other team stands a good chance to win IPL 2022. But as a fan how can the BCCI help to improve its stadium experience? At times the ticket prices sky-rocket as high as 4000! So, how should BCCI justify this? 

Better Washrooms and Better Crowd Management: 

The very first problem that a fan faces after buying tickets to see a game is that the queue for entering the stadium is huge. So, before even reaching his seat, the person is already drained off. Better crowd management and faster methods of safety checking and frisking can help. We can have metal detectors to fasten the process. A manual check of each person is a tedious task and eventually leads to queues. For entering the Brabourne Stadium, the queue at times starts from the Marine Lines’ Railway Station Bridge.  

The next problem is that the stadium washrooms are very unclean. The BCCI cannot contribute to this but it is the task of the state cricket association to manage these things. If a fan spends 4000 rupees to see a game for 3 to 4 hours, it is natural to use the washroom at least once. But the cleanliness level is very very poor.  

Basic Food Arrangements and Water at Affordable Prices: 

For a sip of water, you have to pay 20 Rupees at the Wankhede and DY Patil Stadium. Water is the basic need of a person. For an individual that spends 4000 to 5000 rupees and hits the hot and humid climate of Mumbai, water is essential. If the on-filed players take a sip of pickle juice due to dehydration, even the fans need to stay hydrated. The conditions with regards to water are genuinely undermining and a common man can never afford to watch his favorite player play. Food prices are also over the top. A burger that gets sold for rupees 50 outside is sold at 200 inside the stadium. 

Allowing Banners and Flags in IPL 2022: 

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The DY Patil Stadium and Wankhede Stadium do not allow banners and flags to be carried in. IMG SRC: India.com

The DY Patil Stadium and the Wankhede Stadium do not allow Banners and Flags. Clear instructions have been given outside the stadium stating “No flags allowed”. Some fans, however, manage to sneak in a few flags but in the case of banners, it’s a strict no! So, what is the whole point of coming to see your favorite player if you can’t hold a banner with your message on it? People certainly want to tell Virat Kohli that he is a king, by holding a poster saying, “King Kohli”. To show your support and to express your love, flags and banners are the only way! With the cricket associations not allowing that, the stadium experience of an honest fan gets completely ruined.  

A Well-Developed Parking Arrangement will help in IPL 2022:

At times fans commute by their personal vehicles to the stadiums. In this case, there are two problems. The fans are often concerned regarding the parking space which they need for their vehicle. Every person is concerned regarding his vehicle, obviously because the vehicle costs 7 to 8 lakhs and we need to maintain it too. The second issue is that if the parking is existing, the crowd of the vehicles or the traffic is not well-managed. So, the fans who are expected to reach the game at 3:30 pm or at 7:30 pm reach the venue when the first inning is almost over. This totally disappoints the fans.

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