Batsmen have had their time in cricket and how! They seem to enjoy teasing a good bowler by dodging his balls or punish a bad ball by hitting it for a six, forcing bowlers to come up with deliveries like the “googly” or “the doosra”. Yet there are some who have been invincible. Some have even invented shots, like the ‘Reverse Scoop’ by AB De Villiers, the ‘Switch Hit’ by Kevin Peterson, and the ‘Reverse Flick’ by Brendon McCullum. Apart from them are the hilarious ones like the recent Ravindra Jadeja’s ‘Freak Six’ against RR’s Ben Stokes in the 2019 IPL.

“Being a batsman is fun”, said one to the other,

“Coz then it’s ok to “hit” your bowling brother!”

Reliving some jaw dropping batting by our players in the IPL, here we are with a collection of memorable facts and records of the who’s and how’s of IPL (batsmen). This will also help you to chose best for your Dream11 IPL 2020 Team.

IPL Highest Score Not Out

Highest score not out – Batsmen giving their team the aerial route to victory!

2012 –  Chris Gayle against DD ( 128 not out in 62 balls)

2013 – Chris Gayle against PWI ( 175 not out in 66 balls )

2015 – AB De Villiers against MI ( 133 not out in 59 balls )

2016 – AB De Villiers against GL ( 129 not out in 52 balls )

Highest Runs Made In IPL

Highest runs made in IPL – Batsmen who have slammed any ball that came their way!

Virat Kohli (RCB) – 5412 runs till date

Suresh Raina  (CSK) – 5368 runs till date

Rohit Sharma (MI) – 4898 runs till date

David Warner (SRH) – 4706 runs till date

Shikhar Dhawan (SRH) – 4579 runs till date

IPL Fastest Century

Fastest century – Batmen who made the milestone 100 appear trivial!

2010 – Yousuf Pathan ( RR vs MI ) in 37 balls

2013 – Chris Gayle (RCB vs PWI ) in 30 balls

2013 – David Miller (KXIP vs RCB ) in 38 balls

2016 – AB de Villers ( RCB vs GL ) in 43 balls / David Warner ( SRH vs GL ) in 43 balls

IPL Fastest Fifty

Fastest fifty – Batsmen who have been Oh so thrifty!

2009 – Adam Gilchrist (DC vs DD) in 17 balls

2013 – Chris Gayle (RCB vs PWI ) in 17 balls

2014 – Suresh Raina (CSK vs KXIP ) in 16 balls / Yousuf Pathan (KKR vs SRH ) in 15 balls

2016 – Chris Morris (DD vs GL ) in 17 balls / Keiron Pollard (MI vs KKR) in 17 balls

2017 – Sunil Naraine (KKR vs RCB) in 15 balls

2018 – K.L.Rahul (KXIP vs DD) in 14 balls / Sunil Naraine (KKR vs RCB) in 17 balls

IPL Most Number Of Sixes

IPL Most Number Of Sixes

Most number of sixes – Batsmen who gave spectators a chance to field!

Chris Gayle – 326 sixes till date

AB de Villiers – 212 sixes till date

Dhoni – 209 sixes till date

Rohit Sharma / Suresh Raina – 194 sixes till date

IPL Most number of fours

Most number of fours – Batsmen who made fielders run in vain!

Shikhar Dhawan – 524 fours till date

Suresh Raina – 493 fours till date

Gautam Gambhir – 491 fours (retired in 2018)

Virat Kohli – 480 fours till date

David Warner – 458 fours till date

Coming up in our next article would be the most memorable bowlers and fielders, and their records, not to forget the famous hat-trick of dropped catches! Meet us in the next article to know who that is!