Ex-girlfriend of Rohit Sharma, Sofia Hayat, makes huge claims about the cricketer
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Ex-girlfriend of Rohit Sharma, Sofia Hayat, makes huge claims about the cricketer.

Rohit Sharma, who is awarded the shortest format captaincy of team India recently, has been in the news for his flamboyance in the field of cricket for several years now. Owing to his sensational batting and captaincy in the T20’s, Sharma unknowingly finds ways to enter the limelight. However, this time around it’s not his cricket that has got him into the spotlight, it’s his past relationships.

Rohit Sharma is settled with his wife, Ritika Sajdeh, and the two were blessed with a baby girl named “Samaira Sharma” a few years ago. The cricketer went down on his knees to propose to his manager in Borivali sports ground and then the two went on to marry in 2015.

However, years before marrying Ritika, Rohit has had affairs with a couple of actresses. One of them is Sofia Hayat, a British actress and former contestant of Big Boss.  

Hayat recently opened up on her relationship with the cricketer. A few of her tweets started resurfacing all over the internet in which she has spewed out venom on Rohit Sharma.

In one of her tweets, Sofia confirms, she was dating Rohit Sharma back then and will not date him again as she is actively looking for gentlemen.

Interestingly, Sofia Hayat didn’t hesitate in revealing their intimate details and even dragged Indian skipper Virat Kohli into the matter.

“I turned Rohit down because Virat is a better player in and off the pitch,” she wrote in another tweet.

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Ex-girlfriend of Rohit Sharma, Sofia Hayat, makes huge claims about the cricketer 2

The British actress had accused Rohit Sharma of kissing her in their first meeting in London after she was celebrating the wrap of a movie shoot.

“I met him in a club in London. I was celebrating the wrap of a movie I had done. I was dancing when a friend of mine from the movie’s set introduced us. My friend told me ‘he is Rohit Sharma’ but I really didn’t know as I don’t see cricket much. Anyway, we got talking to each other and soon moved over to a quieter place in the club. It went pretty quickly from there. He kissed me. It was pretty nice. After that, we danced together.”

She went on and said that the two started meeting frequently and were enjoying each other’s company. She added that Rohit was a nice guy and was protective.

“He was a nice, sweet guy. We were two individuals enjoying each other’s company and intimacy. We spoke a lot about how fans react if you don’t play well. He was quite sensitive to reactions from fans directed towards not just himself but even me. He was quite protective. The media had got the whiff of us because I think we were spotted in hotels and rooms. Someone must have tipped off the media. My manager spoke to me about all that was happening and I remember telling him that I didn’t want to go public because I wanted to respect the relationship.”

Sofia further claimed that she decided to break up with the Mumbai based cricketer after he addressed the media that she was his fan.

“It all began when he suddenly spoke to the media and told them that I was just a fan. That hurt me quite a bit. I decided to break-up with him. I broke off all contacts with him,” Sofia added.

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