Dhaka Premier League (DPL): Bangladeshi Umpire Moniruzzaman quits after rage incidents from Shakib and Mahmudullah

Dhaka Premier League (DPL): Bangladeshi Umpire Moniruzzaman quits after rage incidents from Shakib and Mahmudullah.

Dhaka Premier League (DPL): Bangladesh’s emerging umpire Moniruzzaman has opted to quit the roles following the inappropriate behaviours of senior Bangladesh’s senior cricketers.

In a bizarre incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago, all-rounder Shakib al Hasan uprooted the stumps and flung them to the ground after the on-field umpire turned down his leg before appeal. In the same match, Shakib got involved in a heated argument for the second time with the Umpires after they called off the play due to bad lights.

In the second incident, Mahmudullah Riyad, a senior Bangladeshi cricketer, heated up and got involved in a controversial statement due to a wide call.

After these two incidents, Moniruzzaman said that he wants to quit and live his life with respect.

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“Enough is enough for me and I don’t want to do umpiring anymore. I have some self-respect and want to live with it. Umpires can make mistakes but if we are treated in this manner, there is no point in doing it anymore because I am not in it just for the money,” Moniruzzaman told Cricbuzz.

Moniruzzaman was not officiating in the game which involved rage incidents of Shakib al Hasan while he was the Third Umpire when Mahmudullah Riyad got carried away due to a wide call.

The umpire is considered a rising prospect for Bangladesh umpiring and is a member of Bangladesh’s ICC Emerging Panel. Moniruzzaman. A couple of reports also suggested that the umpire was likely to be considered for the elite panel as well.

“I was not involved in Shakib’s game. The way he behaved was something very hard for me to digest. In the Mahmudullah match, I was the TV umpire and watching the episode closely. It left me numb and at that point, I decided not to carry on with umpiring,” he recalled.

The skipper of Gazi Tank cricketers Mahmudullah Riyad was fined  20,000 BDT for his level two offence and Shakib was penalised with USD 5800 and an immediate ban of three matches.

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