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ASIA Cricket Council is looking for the alternates of Sri Lanka who can host the ASIA CUP 2022. As we all know due to the financial crisis in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka is not in a position to host the ASIA CUP 2022. There are continuous meetings going on to make a decision that which country can host the ASIA CUP 2022. Here are the 3 countries that can be the good choice for the new venue for ASIA CUP.

ASIA CUP 2022 Current Host

Sri Lanka is the current host for ASIA CUP 2022. Pakistan was scheduled to host the ASIA CUP 2022, however, in October 2022, Asia Cricket Council (ACC) decided to move the ASIA CUP 2022 to Sr Lanka. But now in the current situation, it’s very difficult for Sri Lanka to host this tournament. Sri Lanka will lose $5-6 million if ASIA cup moves to the another country

“Big revenues get generated by hosting teams like India, Pakistan. That’s whand y we are still trying to persuade the countries to play in Sri Lanka. For us revenues are critical. At this stage even for our country any incoming dollar is critical. We are all geared up to host the Asia Cup and we all are in a positive mood”, said CEO of SLC Ashley de Silva .

Here are the 3 Countries that can Host the ASIA CUP 2022.