Dominik Mysterio was recently interviewed on Robbie Fox’s My Mom’s Basement podcast , and the WWE Superstar was asked what his dream rivals would be if the ” Forbidden Door” opened between WWE and AEW . This was his response:

“Hook, That would be a fun one. For the culture, Penta and Fenix. My father and I against Penta and Fenix. I think we would break down the door and bring the house down.

We would blow it up with those guys. Andrade would be another. He left us, but he would be another. Punk, Sting. There are so many I would like to work with. We’ll see what the future holds for us,” Dominik commented.

In addition to AEW, he was also asked about his dream rivals within WWE.

“I have a lot of dream opponents because I’m hungry and I want all of them. Just because of the Hispanic heritage, lineage and culture that we carry, anyone between Santos Escobar from NXT or Garza and Humberto from SmackDown.

Those matches would be important for the culture and for us. On the big stage, I’d like to get my hands on Seth (Rollins) again. He had me at the very beginning. It would be cool to get in the ring with him now, after what I’ve learned and with a few matches below my waist.”

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Dominik set to feature in Royal Rumble 2022

“Now I’m a former tag team champion. It would be a different story, I don’t know if the result would be different, because Seth is that type of rival, but it would be a different match. As long as Seth continues in WWE, I’m going to see a lot of him.

He saw him at the beginning, I will see him at some point in the middle and I know I will catch him at the end somehow. Randy Orton , how could I not want to be there with one of the best in history? Roman Reigns . I would love to be in the ring with Riddle . Another one for the culture; Damien Priest . There are so many guys I’d love to work with… All in due time. “

For now, Dominik is likely to meet one of these fighters this Saturday , as he is one of the participants in the WWE Royal Rumble 2022 men’s battle royal.

Dominik has been intervening in various segments of the latest editions of RAW related to this fight, and his father, Rey, has managed to kick him out of the ring on several occasions. It only remains to wait to see if the same thing happens in the official combat.