WWE Royal Rumble 2022: During the transmissions of Royal Rumble 2022 through WWE Network and Peacock. The multi-platinum artist Bad Bunny made his return to the company for the first time in eight months.

In the midst of a men’s Royal Rumble with several surprises, the artist from Puerto Rico made an unexpected entrance that surprised the fans at the American Center in Saint Louis.

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Bad Bunny came out at number 27, surprisingly earning eliminations against names like Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler. The singer only lasted eight minutes before being eliminated by Brock Lesnar, becoming one of the last five participants of the day.

This fact marks the return of Bad Bunny to the company from the road to WrestleMania 37 and his subsequent participation in that great event. The singer starred in a story against The Miz and John Morrison that precisely began in the Royal Rumble edition last year. 

Bad Bunny would team with then-newly promoted NXT Damian Priest against Miz and Morrison on the first night of WrestleMania, resulting in victory for both natives of Puerto Rico.