Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli indeed has been one of the biggest topics of discussion amongst all the cricket experts, analytics and even the fans from all around the globe in the recent past. The fact that the star batsman is suffering from an unbelievable rough patch for the past couple of years is definitely hard to digest for millions of Indian fans and other cricket lovers outside of the sub-continent. 

Virat’s not being able to convert any of his starts to three figures for several innings has drawn a certain amount of criticism. Most of the times Virat has been able to get off to a start in the recent matches, either the bowler has got better of him out of nowhere or he himself has thrown away his wicket with a rash, reckless shot against the run of play. 

Such a dramatic turn of events is what makes several fans and even experts believe that it might be the end of the road for Virat Kohli – “The batsman”. However, in spite of having failed to make a mark in terms of scoring a century, Virat has still been able to prove his worth with several batting performances in the past few months. Here is a list of Virat Kohli’s top 3 innings for India since he scored his last century back in 2019:-