Asia Cup

Asia Cup always has been a pretty closely watched cricket tournament by several fans across the globe and especially in the Asian continent. The tournament is of great significance especially because it provides the cricketing nations in Asia to compete amongst themselves and find out who’s the strongest of all. 

The tournament also serves as a really good means for all the participating teams to prepare for the ODI and T20 World Cup which are tournaments of massive importance to each and every nation for sure. The Asia Cup has seen several famous batsmen rocking the stage with fantastic performances on the field to take their teams to great heights. 

In the 38 glorious years of Asia Cup history so far, there have been several memorable batsmen who’ve had an everlasting impact on the tournament and the game with their consistent performances throughout the several editions of the tournament that they’ve been a part of. It’s time for us to take a look back at the top 3 run scorers in the history Asia Cup to date:-