Each of the Indian viewers has been habituated to logging into the Star TV Network in May and June for seeing the biggest cricket festival of the year, the IPL. TATA IPL 2023 will not be telecast there. Star TV Network has taken the broadcasting of the IPL to a new high. The number of sponsors has increased by four-folds. The broadcasting setup has been improving year after year. What is commendable is that the broadcaster, Star TV Network was able to retain the audience for the tournament for 7 long years. They had an amazing plan to promote the league. It was all based on creative ideation. However, Star TV Network’s term as an official broadcaster has ended.  

The E-Auction for the IPL Media has begun. This auction will decide the official broadcaster of the IPL for the 2023-2027 window. There are many contenders and many broadcasters. Some broadcasters have even decided to team up and close the domination of Star TV but it will be amazing to know how exactly things unfold.  

TATA IPL 2023 Broadcasting Bidders: 

The potential bidders for the rights are as follows: 

  1. Viacom Led Network (Part of the Reliance Group) 
  1. Disney+Hotstar 
  1. Star TV Network 
  1. Sony Pictures/MAX Entertainment 
  1. Zee TV Network 
  1. SuperSport Network 
  1. Times Internet 
  1. Fun Asia 

It will be great to see how the bidders go about with the rights. As reports emerge it is said that even Amazon Prime was expected to be in contention but they have opted out. A total of 12 companies had picked up the tender but only 7 are expected to show up.  

Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy’s office took the call to not bid for the IPL Media Rights. The same was conveyed to the BCCI formally before the start of the auction. This might sound like a big blow as Amazon was expected to bid very heavily and could have taken the brand value of the IPL to a new level altogether.  

What is at Stake?

BCCI min
BCCI management led by DADA has taken IPL to new heights. IMG SRC: India Today

The BCCI has planned to give away the broadcasting rights for over 5 years. So, whoever wins the bidding process will broadcast the IPL for the forthcoming 5 years. Every season is expected to have 74 games. So, the broadcasting of a total of 370 games is at stake. Apart from it, the esteemed association with the BCCI, which is a giant in cricket is something that helps the companies grow.  

The number of matches in years 1 and 2 i.e., 2023 and 2024 are going to remain at 74 but later they will increase to 84 and finally to 90. This takes the estimated number of games to 410.  

Estimated price for the Broadcasting Rights of TATA IPL 2023: 

The reserve price or the minimum bidding value for the 5 years is set to 32890 Crore Indian Rupees. The bidding starts from that value itself. The following table shows the price per game on the different platforms: 

Platform Price Per Game Total 
Indian Television Network 49 Crores 18,310 Crores 
Indian Digital Network 33 Crores 12,210 Crores 
18 non-exclusive matches 16 Crores 1440 Crores 
Rest of the World TV Network 3 Crores 1100 Crores 

The estimated price for the 5 years can go up to 40,000 Crores! Now, this adds immense pressure on the BCCI to maintain the standard of the league.  

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