In everyday life, coincidences frequently manifest as pleasant surprises. India vs. Pakistan started trending on social media as soon as Pakistan beat New Zealand by 7 wickets to make it to the final. Indian cricket supporters have also declared India the winner of the T20 World Cup 2022 due to the coincidence of old matches. So what is that coincidence? They discuss that, which is currently in the headlines.

How the 2011 World Cup Coincides in India’s Favour ?

In the 2007 World Cup, India and Pakistan reached the final, which the Indian team won. In 2011, India became the world champion. The biggest coincidence in India’s favor is the 2011 World Cup, which has so far matched the 2022 World Cup.

In 2011 and 2022, India defeated Australia in the practice match. In both places, Ireland defeated England. In both places, India lost to South Africa with two balls to spare. Now it has to be seen whether India becomes the champion in 2022 or not. India will have to face England in the semifinals.

These coincidences are also making India the winner

India was defeated by Bangladesh in the 2007 ODI World Cup. India not only exacted revenge by defeating Bangladesh in the opening game of the 2011 World Cup but also won the tournament. In 2021, Pakistan also defeated India. In the opening game of the T20 2022 World Cup, India exacted revenge by beating Pakistan. India is currently two steps away from victory.

Just before the 2011 World Cup, India’s leading fast bowler, Praveen Kumar, was out with an injury. Sreesanth joined in his place. Jasprit Bumrah got injured in 2022 and was replaced by Mohammed Shami. The Netherlands, Bangladesh, and South Africa were included in India’s group in 2011. Here too, these three were in the group from India.

India in the 2011 and 2022 World Cup

  • India beat Australia in a practice match.
  • Ireland defeated England.
  • South Africa beat India with two balls to spare.
  • India became the world champion in 2011.