Rains during T20 World Cup 2022 Final rules

T20 World Cup 2022 What happens if it rains during the semifinal and final matches? As we all have seen so far, rain spoils the fun of the World Cup match this year, where the big teams have to pay for it, whether it is the match between England and Ireland or Africa and Zimbabwe. But the Indian supporters should not complain about the rain, because India has not yet felt the effects of rain. During the India-Bangladesh match, the rain did come as a hindrance, but it only benefited the Indian team. There is a question going through all of our minds: What will happen if it rains on the semi-final and final days of the World Cup? let’s know more

Knockout Schedule of T20 WC 2022

  • Semi-Final 1 at Sydney, 9th Nov (Reserve Day – 10 Nov)
  • Semi-Final 2 at Adelaide, 10th Nov (1:30 PM IST)
  • Finals at  Melbourne, 13th Nov (1:30 PM IST)

If it rains in the semi-final match, then the match will be decided only when 10 overs are played in both innings; if both teams fail to play even 10 overs, then the match will be played on a reserve day. The match is on the day of the reserved day and will not start again but will continue from the same stage where the game was stopped due to rain. And if 10 overs are not played due to rain on the day of reserved, then the team with the most points on the points table will qualify.

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What if it rains in the final match?

What if it rains in the final match? Even on the day of the final match, if there is no play of 10 overs in both innings, the match will continue again on the next day (reserve day). If the game’s 10 overs are not bowled in both innings due to rain, even on the reserve day, then in this condition the two teams that will be in the final will be declared joint winners by the ICC.

NOTE: In the 2002 Champions Trophy final match, the match was washed on both match and reserve days, thus both Sri Lanka and India were declared joint winners.