New Zealand Cricket

In a new and progressive decision, the New Zealand Cricket Board has agreed to the equal pay of the Men’s and Women’s Cricketers. This decision makes New Zealand the first country to have an equal pay policy in cricket. Earlier, the USA Women’s National Football team had asked for the same and received an agreement. This decision has ushered a new era in the cricketing circuit. Here is an in-depth look at the same: 

New Zealand Women Cricketers Have Same Pay as Men: 

In a ground-breaking decision, the New Zealand Cricket Board has agreed to the equal pay of the male and female crickets for the same amount of work. The five-year agreement struck between New Zealand Cricket, the six Major Associations (the domestic cricket associations of New Zealand), and the New Zealand Cricket Players Association (NZCPA), will see the White Ferns and the Black Caps receiving the same match fees across all their formats and competitions. 

The New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association had taken the guidance of Australian gender pay expert Yolanda Beattie. The share for the players will be 29.75% of the total broadcasting revenue. And from this, the division will be made among the male and the female cricketers. This agreement will be for the next 5 years. The official online broadcaster for the New Zealand Cricket Board is Amazon Prime.  

“Translated, this means the highest-ranked White Fern would be able to receive a maximum of NZD 163,246 a year (up from NZD 83,432), the ninth-ranked, NZD 148,946 (NZD 66,266), and the 17th-ranked NZD 142,346 (NZD 62,833),” as claimed by New Zealand Cricket. 

New Zealand Cricket: Does it Mean Women’s Cricket and Men’s Cricket Make the Same Money: 

The point of concern is that a major revenue chunk will be generated by the games that will be played by the men. Women’s Cricket is equally good but the audience attraction is very sparse. Also, the action on the field is not as electrifying as the one that the men show on the field. The New Zealand team has top players like Tahuhu, and Suzie Bates but are they able to fill the stadiums? At times it even becomes difficult to get a broadcaster for the women’s matches. 

Earlier, the gender pay gap in Indian Cricket was addressed by Smriti Mandhana. She had openly accepted the fact that the money that the players receive is proportional to the money they make for the BCCI. If women’s cricket is not making money, on what basis will the players ask for equal pay. The IPL generates 40000 Crores Indian Rupees of Revenue with profits up to 50 to 60%. But the Women’s T20 Blast, it is running in losses.  

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