Rajasthan Royals

The Rajasthan Royals have always given it their all in every IPL season right since the beginning of the prestigious league. They’ve displayed tremendous performance in major departments of the game but unfortunately for them in quite some seasons in the past they’ve not been able to achieve much glory despite having drafted in a good set of players in every auction prior to the starting of the league. 

What’s lacking is some basic planned structure which is supposed to hold all the departments together and maintain the overall balance in the squad. Their big signings haven’t really made an impact on several occasions. The clearest example of the above is the fact that they haven’t been able to find each of their players a particular role in the team. 

Since the position and role of the players aren’t fixed, it results in total disbalance and fluctuations in their performances at some point in time or the other in their campaign. Hence what’s most important for the royals is to get the entire squad together and do a good amount of study in regard to the players’ roles based on their respective abilities and strengths. 

Another aspect related to this is the opening pair which shall be a topic of major discussion for the majority of the clubs. Therefore Rajasthan like all others would also be looking to have a really nice opening combination so as to make their team chemistry even stronger which might, in turn, increase the stability of the entire batting lineup. 

Given below are three of the most possible opening pairs that Rajasthan Royals might use in this IPL season:-

1. Yashasvi Jaiswal and Jos Buttler

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Yashasvi Jaiswal and Jos Buttler

One of the most feasible options for Rajasthan is to go with the duo of young Yashasvi Jaiswal and wicketkeeper-batsman Jos Buttler. This is the pair that Rajasthan kept faith in the last season and it seemed to pay off incredibly well.

Both provided their side with explosive starts in most of the games as they made good use of the powerplay to score with high strike rates early on. A smart thing for Rajasthan will be to choose the best alternative from a given set of options and as far as the opening combination is concerned, it doesn’t really seem as if needs any sort of rebuilding.

Thus moving on with the  Buttler-Jaiswal duo shouldn’t really be a bad option for Rajasthan Royals.

Yashasvi Jaiswal (IPL stats):-

Matches – 13, Runs – 289, Average – 22.2, Strike Rate – 136.3

Jos Buttler (IPL stats):-

Matches – 65, Runs – 1968, Average – 35.1, Strike Rate – 150.0

2. Sanju Samson and Jos Buttler

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Sanju Samson and Jos Buttler

Just in case the team management thinks about bringing their best players out in front at the top then there’s a chance of Jos Buttler coming out to open the innings with Captain Sanju Samson.

The ruse might turn out to work pretty well considering the fact that the two have had several experiences of batting together in the past for the franchise and have displayed fantastic numbers both individually and collectively. When these two fire, the royals have always emerged victorious even in the toughest of circumstances.

Sanju Samson without a doubt has been a highly impactful player for the Royals and won his side many matches single-handedly since he joined them back in 2014 as a teenager. His opening the innings with an experienced Jos Buttler by his side shall definitely be a big threat to the opposition right from ball 1.

This might further relieve Rajasthan from the concerns of getting the opposition under pressure with counterattack since both the batters have the ability to raise up their strike rates at will.

Sanju Samson (IPL stats):-

Matches – 121, Runs – 3068, Average – 29.2, Strike Rate – 134.3

3. Jos Buttler and Devdutt Padikkal

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Jos Buttler and Devdutt Padikkal

Another good looking opening combination shall be using Devdutt Padikkal alongside Jos Buttler to open the innings. Thanks to their wonderful auctioning of players, Rajasthan have a lot of options for a particular position in their batting lineup.

Devdutt Padikkal took the IPL by storm in the 2020 edition as a 20-year-old while playing for Bangalore was a fine pick for Rajasthan. Using him at the top of the order could be a good plan considering his wonderful performances while opening the batting in the past. The player who won the emerging player of the season award shall be a very much able option to provide the Royals with a thunderous start in each game as he did for his previous franchise.

The pair of Padikkal and Buttler shall also provide the Royals with a left-right opening combination which is furthermore good to disturb the opposition bowlers at the early stages of the innings. Hence the above-mentioned pair too shall be a perfect match to fill the opening slot for Rajasthan Royals in this IPL season.

Devdutt Padikkal (IPL stats):-

Matches – 29, Runs – 884, Average – 31.6, Strike Rate – 125.0

Our Prediction: Although all of the above-mentioned pairs are more or less likely to be fitting in that opening slot for the Rajasthan royals this season, we particularly think that the Yashasvi Jaiswal, Jos Buttler pair shall be the most suitable choice for the Royals to open the batting this season.

The duo had been incredibly consistent last season for their side and was the major reason for their victories in most of the games. It was the fluent starts provided by this duo that Rajasthan managed to win quite a few matches towards the latter half of the tournament last season. 

Their rare ability to bat with a mammoth strike rate right from ball 1 was extremely useful to the royals as the duo made maximum use of the powerplay to keep the opposition bowlers under pressure in the first 6 overs. A team like the Rajasthan who have not really found consistent results in the past few seasons would really not like to break an aspect of their batting lineup which is doing so well already. 

Moving on with the already in form batting duo of Jaiswal and Buttler in this IPL season is surely bound to provide them with the results they are demanding for. Thus the above-mentioned duo in our opinion shall be RR’s  opening pair in this IPL season in all probabilities.

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