IPL 2022

The 15th edition of the IPL (IPL 2022) is all set, to begin with, with great pomp and show. The cricket lovers all across India and the world are eagerly waiting for their favourite sides to make their way into the cricket fields with fresh enthusiasm and vigour. 

While the fans who could not see their teams achieve desirable results so far will be leaving behind the sorrows of the previous seasons, whereas the fans of the champion sides will expect their teams to display commanding performance once again.

The feeling of watching your favourite side wearing the team’s colours with the franchise logo on it is one of its kind, isn’t it? The team’s jersey for sure brings in an extra aspect of joy and enthusiasm of fans, thereby enhancing their love towards their team even more. Given below is the list of jerseys of all the 10 teams in this IPL 2022 along with their respective sponsors:-

1) Chennai Super Kings

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As per their game plan, the team in yellow also isn’t expected to perform any sort of experiments with their jersey this season. Therefore their fans along with all other spectators can expect them to adorn the same yellow kit along with the blue highlights when they step on the field this season. Meanwhile, TVS Eurogrip will be their shirt sponsor this year along with Gulf Oil shall being the chest brand

2) Rajasthan Royals

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IPL 2022: Jersey and Sponsors of Every IPL Team 11

The royals who’ve finally unveiled their new jersey for this season of the IPL have made a decent amount of changes to their kit from the earlier season. The side’s captain had a special delivery from the world’s renowned stuntman Robbie Maddison. The classic pink colour of the jersey covers the major part of the kit with navy blue colours covering up the shoulders and region around it. The overall look thus is perfectly suiting the players wearing it. Happilo on the other hand has replaced Dubai Expo as the title sponsor while Dollar shall be the chest sponsor.

3) Punjab Kings

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IPL 2022: Jersey and Sponsors of Every IPL Team 12

Punjab which is the third team in our list hadn’t revealed any sort of new threads yet. They’re possibly going to have red and golden as their base colours for their kit. EbixCash is supposedly expected to be their shirt sponsors. Lotus Herbals shall be the chest brand for IPL 2022.

4) Delhi Capitals

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IPL 2022: Jersey and Sponsors of Every IPL Team 13

The Delhi Capitals have already unveiled their new kit for this season of the IPL. Giving it a new look, they’ve decided to adorn a half red , half blue jersey this time. The present kit’s look certainly seems to be a lot better than the previous season’s one. JSW group shall be the shirt sponsor for the side this season. The chest branding shall be of APL Apollo.

5) Mumbai Indians

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IPL 2022: Jersey and Sponsors of Every IPL Team 14

Like the Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians also have recently unveiled their new kit for this IPL season. The base colour is blue and gold, which is the same as the previous season. However, there is a unique and attractive pattern using the same colours in their new kit, especially around the waist region. Slice is the shirt sponsor of the side this season. The chest sponsors shall be Marriott International.

6) Kolkata Knight Riders

IPL 2022: Jersey and Sponsors of Every IPL Team 15

The knight riders like many other franchises are yet to unveil their new kit for this IPL season. Considering the success of their previous season’s kit , it’s highly unlikely for them to deviate from there general purple and yellow colour scheme that has been a part of their kit for several past seasons in the IPL. The WinZo is supposedly going to be the shirt sponsor for the side this season. The chest branding shall be of LuxCozi.

7) Royal Challengers Bangalore

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The Royals Challengers have revealed their new threads for 2022, made by Puma. They will be seen in the most anticipated red and black colours once again. The pattern made using the colours this time however is pretty much more special than the earlier seasons considering the unique blend of red and black that’s been added to their shirt this time. Muthoot Fincorp shall be their shirt sponsor this year. The chest sponsors shall be Myntra and Exide.

8) Sunrisers Hyderabad

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IPL 2022: Jersey and Sponsors of Every IPL Team 16

According to reports the Sunrisers Hyderabad will stick to the orange colour that they’ve been using in their kit for several past seasons in IPL. The orange army this season are expected to don an orange kit with black arms. Cars24 are supposedly going to be their shirt sponsors this season. Kent RO shall be the chest brand for the side this season.

9) Lucknow Super Giants

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Though not officially, Lucknow Super Giants’ jersey for their maiden IPL season was leaked on the internet. The shirt is of light blue colour with a minute strip of orange in the shoulder region. They are all set to wear a light blue shirt with trousers of the same colour. Lucknow has brought in the Gigabyte Technology firm and its gaming brand Aorus as a 2022 season sponsor.

10) Gujarat Titans

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Debutant franchise Gujarat Titans launched their new jersey ahead of the IPL 2022 campaign. Skipper Hardik Pandya along with head coach Ashish Nehra was present at the event besides BCCI secretary Jay Shah. The kit includes a navy blue coloured shirt along with the addition of cyan colour at the collars and borders the arms.  The insignia of telecom giants Jio, pipe-manufacturers Astral and Simpolo Ceramics will feature on the shoulders of the Titans jersey. The headgear will sport logos of two associate partners: they are ACKO, the tech-first insurance company, and toothsi, the at-home smile makeover service.

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