IPL 2022

With the beginning of each IPL season, also begin the innumerable hopes and aspirations of all the franchises to lift that prestigious trophy in their hands with a fresh set of players and plans. The teams leave no stone unturned to ensure that they are absolutely top-notch in each of the aspects that are required for achieving perfect results on the cricket field. 

One such aspect is the support staff which has an immensely important role to play in the team’s performance throughout the season. It is the members of the support staff who help the team maintain a stable environment inside the dressing room even in unfortunate situations like those of an injury and many more. 

Given below are the list of support and coaching staff of each of the ten franchises that are on their way to take part in the IPL 2022 commencing from 26th March:-

1. Kolkata Knight Riders

Bendon McCullum

The two times champion has always made their presence felt over the last few seasons, especially the previous season where they reached the final. The side had already given a brilliant display during the player’s auction and to add to it they also have a wonderful set of support staff at their service to assist their players throughout the situation. 

Their head coach Brendon McCullum who’s been with the team for several seasons as a head coach shall resume his services which definitely will bring smiles to the supporters of the Knight Riders. Abhishek Nayar and David Hussey taking up the roles of Assistant coach and Mentor respectively once again like the earlier seasons means that KKR players will have a brilliant bunch of coaching staff to seek help from this season. 

Bharat Arun assigned the task of batting and bowling coach also seems to be a good option to make the bowling unit stronger than ever.

KKR Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Brendon McCullum
  • Mentor – David Hussey
  • Assistant Coach – Abhishekh Nayar
  • Batting and Bowling Coach – Bharat Arun

2. Gujarat Titans

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Ashish Nehra

The new side into the IPL, Gujarat Titans shall look to make their chances brighter this season itself to lift the trophy, considering the fact that they’ve arranged for a brilliant bunch of individuals to fulfil the responsibilities of the coaching staff in this IPL 2022. 

A very able Ashish Nehra supposedly performing the duties of a head coach for the side this season isn’t good news for the other teams. Their batting coach and mentor, Gary Kirsten also needs no introduction since he’s been perhaps one of the most effective in the coaching duties throughout his career. 

Aashish Kapoor has been appointed the bowling coach with the expectations of him making the bowling unit a really fearsome one.

Gujarat Titans Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Ashish Nehra
  • Batting coach and Mentor – Gary Kirsten
  • Head Coach – Ashish Nehra
  • Bowling Coach – Ashish Kapoor

3. Mumbai Indians

Mahela Jayawardene

The 5-time champions and the most successful team in the IPL so far have undoubtedly been a step ahead of all the others throughout the 15 glorious seasons of the league that’ve been played to date. 

Be it their batting, bowling or fielding, they’ve made their mark in all aspects one way or the other. Another aspect that also equally counts in the overall performance of the team is the support staff that it has. Mumbai Indians just like the previous season will like to work hard on this aspect and make it the best this season. 

The owner of the team, Mr Mukesh Ambani who had set up a wonderful set of individuals to carry out the duties of the coaching staff have been a pillar to the side for a very long. The team shall have Mahela Jayawardene as its head coach once again this season. 

Their mentor and batting coach   Sachin Tendulkar will be working on the team’s weaknesses just like he’s been doing for several past years. Shane bond and Robin Singh taking up the roles of Bowling and batting coach respective shall make Mumbai Indians a strong contender this season of the IPL for sure.

Mumbai Indians Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Mahela Jayawardene
  • Batting coach and Mentor – Sachin Tendulkar
  • Bowling Coach – Shane Bond
  • Fielding Coach – James Pamment

4. Delhi Capitals

ricky ponting press conference 1601434763
Ricky Ponting

The Delhi Capitals though have struggled to lift the trophy with failures in each of the 14 seasons played so far shall be looking to strengthen up all the departments of their team once again with new vigour. 

The side has worked hard on its support staff like the other teams to assist the players in all situations on and off the field and has thus tried to set up a good set of staff members in this regard. Their head coach, Ricky Ponting who has been with the side for several seasons in the past shall resume normal services this season too. 

Pravin Amre and James Hope being appointed as batting and bowling coach respectively shall be a nice move to make the side’s bowling and batting department further stronger. Assistant Coach Ajit Agarkar and Shane Watson shall also try to make their appointments worthy with useful contributions on and off the pitch for the team’s success.

Delhi Capitals Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Ricky Ponting
  • Batting coach – Pravin Amre
  • Bowling Coach – James Hopes
  • Fielding Coach – Biju George
  • Assistant Coach – Ajit Agarkar, Shane Watson

5. Chennai Super Kings

Fleming 640 Sportzpics
Stephen Fleming

The Chennai Super Kings who’ve done a wonderful job in the auctions ahead of the IPL drafting in as many good looking form players in the squad as much as possible shall once again be looking forward make it twice in a row as they’ll be giving it their all to make it 5 titles by winning the trophy this season. 

Considering the fact that they’ve a good set of players ready for the season , the team management shall also supposedly be taking care of the coaching staff which shall assist the players this season. Head coach Stephen Flemming shall once again be performing regular duties for the Super Kings like the earlier seasons. 

Batting coach Michael Hussey shall also be a part of CSK like before , so is the case with Lakshmipathy Balaji who shall be the guiding light for the bowling department. Fielding coach Rajiv Kumar is expected to apply the finishing touches to the team’s fielding attributes thereby making the side look all set to lift another historic IPL trophy this season.

Chennai Super Kings Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Stephen Flemming
  • Batting coach – Michael Hussey
  • Bowling Coach – Lakshmipathy Balaji
  • Fielding Coach – Rajiv Kumar

6. Royal Challengers Bangalore

sanjay bangar reuters 1 1048744 1636618830
Sanjay Bangar

The Royal Challengers Bangalore who’ve failed to bring the cup home so far shall be beginning another season with all hopes in their heart to break the jinx and finally be able to win the title thereby bringing smiles to their fans’ faces. 

Just like the earlier seasons this year too they’ve tried several player combinations in their squad to fulfil their purpose, but what shall also play a key role for them is the work done by their coaching staff. 

Their head coach Sanjay Bangar who has been with the team for quite some time will once again be looking to make a positive impact on the side to bring in some success. Batting coach responsibilities shall also rest pon Sanjay Bangar while Bowling Coach Adam Griffith shall once again be resuming regular services like the earlier years. 

Team management and supporters shall be hoping for all the staff to successfully deliver their performances on and off the pitch so that the Royal Challengers are finally able to achieve their dream.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Batting coach and Head coach – Sanjay Bangar
  • Bowling Coach – Adam Griffith

7. Rajasthan Royals

kumar sangakkara 1618298126 1631191210
Kumar Sangakkara

Rajasthan Royals also like some other teams are trying to rediscover their lost rhythm in the IPL and have thus made immense efforts to achieve their purpose in this regard. Be it player combinations or new signings, the Royals have tried every possible thing in the past few seasons, all in vain. 

What they’ll be expecting this season is a good performance from their newly drafted players, but equally important shall the work of their support staff on and off the field. The team’s head coach Kumar Sangakkara who joined the team last season shall be continuing the duties this season too which is a good sign for the side. 

Their assistant coach Trevor Penney shall also try to bring in positive impacts in the team’s performances this season. Lasith Malinga who has joined in as the fast bowling coach has several expectations to fulfil this season. 

Fielding coach Dishant Yagnik shall also be an able option to deal with the fielding department of the team. Amol Mazumder meanwhile shall take up the duties of Batting coach this season for the Royals.

Rajasthan Royals Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Kumar Sangakkara
  • Batting coach – Amol Mzumder
  • Bowling Coach – Lasith Malinga
  • Fielding Coach – Dishant Yagnik

8. Sunrisers Hyderabad

post image a0422fb
Sunrisers Hyderabad

The Sunrisers Hyderabad like the remaining teams shall be working hard on all their departments to make the most of the opportunity they get to lift the trophy this season. Thus Besides picking up a good squad in the auction they’ll also be possibly looking forward to good outputs from their support staff. 

Their head coach – Tom Moody like the earlier seasons will be the centre of the coaching staff this season too. Batting coach Brian Lara needs no introduction considering the amount of success he’s enjoyed during his days as a player. Bowling coach Muralitharan also shall be resuming duties like the previous seasons as a bowling coach for his side.

Dale Steyn on the other hand will be the leader to the pace bowlers of the side while off the pitch. Fielding coach Hemang Badani also shall be playing an important role in improving the fielding aspects of the side.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Tom Moody
  • Batting coach – Brian Lara
  • Bowling Coach – Muttiah Muralitharan
  • Fielding Coach – Hemang Badani
  • Pace Bowling Coach – Dale Steyn

9. Lucknow Super Giants

20368 former indian cricketer gautam gambhir source hindustan news hub
Gautam Gambhir

The Lucknow Super Giants will be eager to do the impossible by will lifting the IPL trophy in their maiden season. They have made considerable efforts in making their dream come true by drafting a wonderful set of players during the auction. 

However, besides this, they’ll also be needing their support staff to perform all their duties without any fail throughout the season so that the players can be at the top of their game throughout the season. 

Former Zimbabwean captain Andy Flower will be the head coach for the Super Giants, who is a vastly experienced coach having worked around the world with several teams. Formal Indian opener Gautam Gambhir will be the mentor of the side this season. While former Indian wicket-keeper Vijay Dahiya will be the assistant coach of the team. 

The owner Sanjiv Goenka will hope that the above combination of coaching staff shall make things happen for his side smoothly in this IPL season.

Lucknow Super Giants Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Mentor – Gautam Gambhir
  • Head Coach – Andy Flower
  • Assistant Coach – Vijay Dahiya

10. Punjab Kings

WhatsApp Image 2021 04 16 at 10.37.05 PM
Anil Kumble

The Punjab Kings who’ve had the IPL trophy escaping their grips right since the league began back in 2008 will be hoping to finally win the title this year with lots of effort and aspirations. 

In order to achieve their desired outcome, they’ll have to concentrate on all their departments one at a time. After the mega auction now that the players are all drafted in and the squad is ready, the time for them now is to build a strong support staff. 

Anil Kumble shall be the Head Coach of the side just like the earlier seasons. Damien Right shall be delivering the duties of a bowling coach this season while assistant coach Jonty Rhodes will have a lot of responsibilities to fulfil this season in Punjab Colours as he’ll have to take up the additional responsibilities of a batting coach too this season due to the departure of Wasim Jaffer from the franchise.

Punjab Kings Support and Coaching staff:-

  • Head Coach – Anil Kumble
  • Assistant Coach and Fielding coach – Jonty Rhodes
  • Bowling Coach – Damien Right

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