At a time when the world is reeling under the effects of the on-going pandemic of corona virus and its after effects, how justified is a mega entertainment event like IPL?

Worldwide, when millions of people have lost their lives, when millions of people are struggling to pay the price of recovery, when millions of people are so impoverished that they cannot afford social distancing as a preventive measure to covid-19 – does entertainment even come into the picture?

Well, the truth is, this pandemic needs to be handled by each country on it’s own, and thus create a collective fight against the deadly virus. Measures have to be taken by individual governments to control this epidemic. As statistics show, India is well funded to handle such a situation and The state governments have to act in tandem and implement what’s needed to do their duty.

And meanwhile it’s time the world goes ahead of this pandemic and resume it’s activities as this world needs scope to unwind as they fight against an epidemic. Jobs have to resume, jobs have to be created and people have to get back to their work.

So do sportsmen.

Lockdowns and social distancing are affecting people’s state of mind. They are bogged down by the current lifestyle that has been forced into practice, as a compulsion. In times like this, an international event like the IPL is most welcome. IPL 2020 is touted to become the most viewed international event ever!

It could provide an interim relief to not only viewers but also to the thousands of jobs it would create for people, right from hotel and lodging to air carriers, from food caterers to cleaners, from event managers to suppliers. It comes with a bundle of opportunities for the hosting country.

UAE by far is one of those countries where the recovery rate is almost equal to the covid-19 effected rate. Deaths too haven’t crossed the three digit mark! UAE has previous experience of hosting such matches (2014) and they also boast about having ample practice pitches and stadiums for the matches. Their infrastructure regarding the IPL or the covid pandemic, is in place. Also, Abu Dhabi and Dubai being the connecting point for various airlines makes it just more convenient for players and their staff to arrive.

“MS Dhoni along with the Chennai Super Kings is reportedly set to leave for UAE earlier than other teams in order to prepare for IPL 2020. “read a caption from a famous website.

So let us all too gear up for the time of the year :

Say hey, say ho, say what? Say yo!

There’s fun ‘round the corner, Yes it’s IPL, XOXO!