Babar Azam
Babar Azam:India vs Pakistan

#IndvsPak: Sunday, October 23, MSG. India and Pakistan played in a thrilling match as part of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 being played in Australia. India defeated Pakistan by 4 wickets in this match. This match will be remembered for so many years for the dramatic last over and King Kohli’s 84 run winning knock.

Ind vs Pak: Babar Azam

After losing to Team India in the T20 World Cup in 2022, the Pakistani team appeared to be extremely disappointed. But team captain Babar Azam taught every player in the locker room and delivered a speech intended to inspire them.

In his speech, Babar Azam especially talked to spinner Mohammad Nawaz and consoled him that there was no bowing head. Excellent performance in this match. Now the focus is on the next matches.

Babar worked to increase the confidence of his players and said that there are many matches ahead. The journey does not end here. Babar had said that even to win the title, one has to exert strength.

Babar, the captain of Pakistan, made a touching comment about Nawaz.

In the final over, Nawaz needed to stop 16 runs, but he failed to do so. This player may be viewed negatively in Pakistan, but captain Babar made a speech in the locker room following the game that inspired not only Nawaz but every player.

Babar said to Nawaj “Not an issue. You are my match winner and I will always have faith in you no matter what you want. Don’t drop your head, you will win the match. Great effort. It was pressure over, but you took the match so close, it was fantastic. Leaving things out here, we have played very well as a team. We have to continue that. you will succeed”

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