Virat Kohli
The man who owned an entire season!

Virat Kohli – a name which literally means colossal, astronomic and massive. Born on Nov 5, 1988 ( Delhi, India), he has garnered the name of a “run machine” over the years.True to his name, with 5412 runs as the leading run-getter of the IPL, Virat Kohli is now an epitome of cricketing greatness in the DREAM11 IPL 2020.

How often do we come across a player whose name is splashed across an entire season! So remarkably exceptional and sensational was his performance in the IPL 2016, that it calls for an entire discussion in itself.

Let’s glance at his sublime batting records (quite a play of words I say!) over the 12 seasons of IPL :

  • Highest number of runs made by any batsman till date : 5,412
  • Highest number of runs made by a batsman in a single season till date : 973
  • Second highest number of centuries till date : 5
  • Third highest number of half centuries till date : 36
  • Fourth highest number of 4s till date : 480
  • Sixth highest number of 6s till date : 191
  • Only player to hit 4 centuries in 1 IPL season : IPL 2016
  • His fastest century coming in 47 balls

The highest paid player in the IPL, this exuberant batsman is a master of timing. Constantly reforming his stance at the crease over the years, he has only upgraded himself. Humbly taking guidance from greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Kohli has always tried to get rid of any chinks in his armour. It’s said about Kohli that if a bowler wants to defeat him, then he better find Kohli’s weakness before he does!

Under Kohli’s captaincy, RCB narrowly missed the IPL title in 2016 as they lost to Sunrisers Hyderabad in the final by 8 runs. Look at his historic journey which started by beating SRH in the first match but losing to them in the finals :

Match 4 – Kohli scored 75 and RCB won over SRH by 45 runs

Match 11 – Kohli remained consistent with 79 but lost the match to DC

Match 16 – Kohli made 80 with RCB winning after two consecutive defeats

Match 19 – a terrific 100 off 63 by Kohli but a glorious GL overshadowed RCB

Match 35– Player of the match Virat Kohli getting 108 off 58 set the playground alight

Match 39 – RCB winning by 1 run over KXIP

Match 44 – 109 won with a record over GL insert video specially dressed in green for their “GO GREEN” initiative.

Match 48 – Player of the Match Virat Kohli’s 75 off 51 is a must watch

Match 50 – Player of the Match – no prizes for this guess – Virat Kohli with 113 off 50

Match 56 – Virat Kohli’s half century (54) was a crucial one RCB was tied at the points table with DD and with only one spot at the playoffs available, this was a very responsible inning by him. Early fall of wickets brought the show to his feet and he played it off sensibly

Match 57 playoffs – Captaining his team to an important team

Match 60 final – Another half century (54) but for a lost cause as RCB lost to SRH in the finals.  

Virat Kohli was aptly named Player of the tournament IPL 2016. He owned the tournament that year.

What an incredible year of cricket it was. Every cricketer’s dream we believe. Charging into the DREAM11 IPL 2020, what has this stupendous player in store for us is what we must wait, and watch!