IPL 2023-27 media rights sold for INR 44,075 Crores: Sources
Courtesy of BCCI/PTI

BCCI indicates increase in number of matches per IPL season from 2023-27: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has hinted at the increase in the total number of matches played in each season of the Indian Premier League from the next IPL cycle which is IPL 2023-27. The initial indications suggest that a total of 410 matches will be held in the next IPL cycle.

It has been learnt that for the first two years (IPL 2023 and 2024) 74 matches will be held while the number will increase to 84 in the next two IPL editions (IPL 2025 and 2026). Meanwhile, the last IPL season of the cycle (IPL 2027) will have 94 matches altogether, which takes the total calculation to 410 (74+74+84+84+94) matches.

Notably, the bidders for the next cycle of IPL media rights sought clarity over the number of matches per season along with the cumulative number for the five years from the BCCI. All the bidders, who have picked the Invitation to Tender (ITT) document, have been advised to keep 410 matches as the base and not 370.

The Indian cricket board will have to chalk out a concrete plan to schedule more matches in a specific window. In the recently completed IPL season, 74 matches were held with teams divided into two virtual groups.

Each team played twice against four teams in its group, one against four teams in the other group and twice against one team in the other group. This made each IPL side complete 14 matches in the league stage.

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In the case of 84 matches per season, the formula could be twice against its four group members, twice against two teams of the other group and once against three members of the other group.

Meanwhile, in the case of 94 matches, we can expect each team to play twice with every other team in the league, making it a home and away affair.

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