Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan ASIA Cup 2022
Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan ASIA Cup 2022

Bharat Army denied entry in Asia Cup Final: Amidst all the excitement and enthusiasm which was prevailing ahead of the Asia Cup, a shocking incident took place right before the commencement of the final. Indian fans from the Bharat army were denied entry to the Dubai international stadium. The reasons why they weren’t allowed to enter the stadium were because they were wearing the Indian jersey and not those of Sri Lanka or Pakistan

A video was recently posted by the official Twitter account of the Bharat army wherein three members of the group were seen standing outside the Dubai international stadium. According to their words, three of them namely Kunal, Sanika and Naresh were not allowed entry to the Dubai international stadium for the final of the Asia Cup. 

The security guards on duty out there literally pushed them saying, “Indians, Go back!, Don’t wear the Indian jersey”. The fans from India were not allowed to enter the stadiums due to wearing the jersey of their own team. They were also said that they would have to wear a Sri Lankan or a Pakistani jersey in order to enter the stadium and watch the match. 

The members of the Bharat army were seen disgusted over this unjust behaviour and harsh treatment meted out to them just on the basis of such a baseless reason. “We’re here just to enjoy the game as neutral cricket lovers, but this was really unfair on the part of the fans as well as the security personnel as they pushed us out!”, the Indian fans from the Bharat army said. 

The members lastly said, “We just hope that the matter is resolved by whichever authority is the incharge”.The Bharat army also made a tweet requesting the Asian cricket council and ICC to make required investigations regarding the matter. The Indian fans and members of the Bharat army had travelled all the way from India to watch the match, but they were denied entry to the stadium by the security and police incharge, much to the disappointment of the Indians. 

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