IPL 2022: 5 Interesting Rule changes in the IPL 2022, suggested by Aakash Chopra

5 Interesting Rule changes in the IPL 2022, suggested by Aakash Chopra.

IPL 2022: Former Indian cricketer and renowned Hindi commentator Aakash Chopra has identified a couple of spots in the cash-rich Indian Premier League (IPL) which can be improved to make the matches more exciting for the fans as well as for players. In his recent Youtube video, Chopra reckons that a few tweaks in the rules and regulations along with a couple of additional changes can make the Incredible Premier League entertaining by several folds.

Change in the Net Run Rate System:

Chopra firstly indicated how complicated the Net Run Rate system is and how it can be made a bit uncomplicated for the teams. He said that the teams should be given bonus points or a high jump in the Net Run Rate if it wins by a substantial margin (inside 10 overs or with 50 or more runs etc.).

“If you win the match before 10 overs, you should get an extra bonus point. The net run rate which is very complicated and beyond our understanding, it goes up and down always, sometimes goes down even when a team wins… cricket is already a complicated game but if you add the bonus to it, then if two teams are locked in at same points the team with more bonus points should go ahead,” said Aakash Chopra in his Youtube video.

Maximum of 5 overseas players in playing11:

Adding on to his advice for the BCCI, Chopra further said that the limit of overseas players in a playing11 should be increased to five. He advocated his statement by adding that the standards of the IPL may go down if you don’t find 70 domestic performing players in 10 teams.

“You should allow five overseas players. You think you do, but that’s not the case… You won’t find 70 quality Indian players and the standard will go down… Just for the next two three years allow five overseas players and in the meantime if your Indian players improve then you can change that rule,” he added.

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Transparency with the fans:

In his third point, the commentator requested the BCCI to implement a rule which will force all the IPL franchises to be transparent in terms of injury concerns and unavailability of the players. 

In the first match of the IPL 2021 phase 2 between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, the former team rested skipper Rohit Sharma and no fair reason was given by the franchise and stand-in skipper Kieron Pollard. Though, later it was clarified that MI is playing on a safer side for Rohit Sharma and he had a little niggle in his hamstring as well.

“I request you [the franchises] with folded hands, please start giving updates on injuries. You say fans are your heartbeats or ‘biggest assets’ but you never tell them anything about who won’t play when and why not… Other leagues don’t do this.

“Look around the world and you’ll see that the exchange of absolute information is so important… BCCI should make it mandatory for them to declare all this.”

Improved Umpiring Standards:

Chopra moved to his fourth point as he demanded an increase in the umpiring standards. In the contest between KKR and RCB, recently, several umpiring blunders were witnessed and a few on-field decisions were overturned after taking the reviews.

The 44-years old advised BCCI to make umpires accountable for their decisions and make strict laws if any umpire gives poor decisions on a constant basis. He said:

“The third-umpire is making mistakes, the on-field umpire is making mistakes, sometimes three of them… DRS can save a batter from getting out but when the umpire gives out, the ball is declared dead and the run the batter took is lost… this could be the difference between you winning and losing the trophy.

“Firstly, improve the standard of the umpires… and then make them accountable for their mistakes and say ‘goodbye’ to them if they are not doing their job right.”

Heavy penalty for Slow Over Rates:

In his final suggestion, Chopra feels that the bowling team should be penalised by forcing them to put an extra fielder inside the 30-yard circle for each over bowling outside the 90 minutes mark.

In IPL 90 overs are given to a side to finish its 20 overs which includes the time out, wickets, injury and other such things. If a team fails to deliver its 20 over quota inside the given time frame, the captain of the team is fined and is subsequently banned for a few matches if he repeats the mistake.

“You need to start penalizing them and not with the money, no body cares about that. Franchises pay those fines, not the players. I say it takes 85 minutes for every innings but give them 90.

“Your innings should be over in 90 minutes and the overs you bowl after that should have one extra fielder in the circle. Give allowance for injuries, ball getting lost, etc, but you can’t allow an extra half an hour for every innings, it’s no joke.”

These were the 5 interesting rule changes in the IPL 2022 that Aakash Chopra demanded with his Youtube Video.

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