WWE News: The specialized media Wrestling Observer has revealed that WWE has tried to bring Jeff Hardy back and made him an offer a few weeks ago to return.

In addition, the company tried to convince him by adding the incentive of inducting him into the Hall of Fame class of 2022.

This was the information revealed by Dave Meltzer:

“Here’s an update on the Jeff Hardy case. John Laurinaitis called Jeff Hardy to bring him back a few weeks ago, including an offer to put him in the Hall of Fame class of 2022. Hardy turned it down and asked for the results from his drug tests because he knew he wasn’t going to test positive for recreational drugs. It took Hardy and his wife six weeks to get the results back.”

“Right now, the feeling is that this is a guy that they don’t want to see in AEW because they have realized that the Hardy Boys will be reinvigorated given the level of teams like Young Bucks, FTR, Santana and Ortiz, Penta and Fenix and many others.

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Hardy is still under contract with WWE until March 9, so AEW cannot make him a legal offer, but the belief is that unless he returns to WWE, which at this point does not look like that’s going to happen, it would be destined for AEW .”

Jeff Hardy to be part of Royal Rumble

Hardy was fired from WWE on December 9. After a match at a live event in which he was reportedly seen to be slow and in which he left the match to go ringside to be with the fans. This match was on December 4, and WWE sent him home on the 5th to end up releasing him on the 9th.

In this way, WWE’s no-compete clause, as reported by Meltzer, would expire on March 9, and Hardy could participate in AEW shows.

Since December, Jeff has been seen in public on a small acoustic concert tour he has been giving around the United States. Jeff and his brother Matt will reunite at Big Time Wrestling on March 12 .

At this time, WWE has not announced any members of the Hall of Fame class of 2022.