Virat Kohli

It is not unknown that Cricket is the most loved sport in all of India. Unlike the other nations who prefer global sports like Football, Tennis, Golf, Boxing e.t.c, a major part of India’s sports economy is contributed by Cricket. It gives us an idea of the popularity of the game of stick and ball in our country. 

The Indians have always treated their favourite cricket stars to be equal to Bollywood stars and standing in 2022, the brand value of certain Indian cricketers is even more than the richest Bollywood stars. 

However, some cricketers obviously have a greater fan following than the others. Among the modern era cricketers, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli are undoubtedly the most loved. 

Both of them are former Indian captains. The two players, however, are loved for two very different reasons. 

MS Dhoni, on one hand, gave India three major ICC trophies and fans just love him for his finishing and captaincy. Virat Kohli, on the other hand, is perhaps the best Indian cricketer after Sachin Tendulkar and is a modern-day phenomenon. 

He might not have been much successful as Team India’s ODI and T20I captain but that did not diminish the fact that he has been the best cricketer in the world for the last few years. Virat is also the highest followed Indian personality on Instagram with over 183 Million followers. 

Dhoni & Virat

Meanwhile, Ormax Sports Stars have revealed a ranking of the most popular Sportsmen in India in January 2022. As expected, Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni came out at the top of the rankings. 

The surprising fact is, even after having retired from international cricket for almost 2 years now, the fandom of MS Dhoni has not at all died. Another retired cricketer on this list is Sachin Tendulkar. 

The list is as follows:- 

1) Virat Kohli

2) MS Dhoni

3) Rohit Sharma

4) Sachin Tendulkar

5) KL Rahul

Apart from Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar, the other names include Rohit Sharma and Sachin Tendulkar. 

The fame of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul is slowly growing. Rohit Sharma is currently the captain of Team India in all the formats (Test captaincy not decided yet) and KL Rahul is our vice captain. The two are also in a lethal form which further explains their popularity. 

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