The TATA IPL 2022 is about to come to a closure and most of the games are done and dusted. Every team now has just 2 to 3 games left and the business end of the tournament is expected to take place in Ahmedabad. The Gujarat Titans on Tuesday became the first team to qualify for the playoffs after beating the Lucknow Super Giants. But what are the qualification scenarios for all the other teams? Which team will qualify in what case? Here is an in-depth look at the same:

Mumbai Indians Cannot Qualify for the Playoffs in IPL 2022: 

mi qualification min
IMG SRC: Dainik Bhaskar

The equation for the Mumbai Indians is simple. Under any circumstances, they will not be able to qualify for the playoffs. They can at the maximum reach 10 points in the case where they win all of their remaining games and qualification is affirmed at 16 so there is no chance.  

Chennai Super Kings May or May Not Qualify for the Playoffs in IPL 2022:

The Chennai Super Kings have a very outside chance of qualification. The first prerequisite that they would want is to win all of their remaining matches. Also, they need to make sure that one spot is left such that qualification happens at the 14-point mark. However, this case is very rare as there are 4 teams on 10 points with 3 games to play. So, out of the 4 one will have 16 and others can have 16 or 14. The Super Kings will then be dependent on their NRR. In short, their chances are very slim.  

Punjab Kings May or May Not Qualify for the Playoffs in IPL 2022:

The Punjab Kings have 3 games left and are currently poised at 10 points. For qualification at 16 points, they need to win all their 3 games. It has become a do-or-die tournament for the Punjabi Munde! They had a formidable team at the start of the season but have failed to capitalize on the momentum they make. Their games are against Delhi, Sunrisers, and Bangalore.  

Kolkata Knight Riders May Not Qualify for the Playoffs in IPL 2022:

The situation of the Kolkata Knight Riders is very grim. They have only 2 games left and they have 10 points in the bag. At the maximum, they can get 14 points. Qualification at 14 points is a very rare thing to happen. The other teams in the competition are Punjab, Chennai, Sunrisers and Delhi. Their 2 games are against LSG and SRH.  

Sunrisers Hyderabad May or May Not Qualify for the Playoffs in IPL 2022: 

srh qualification min

The Sunrisers Hyderabad may just qualify for the playoffs. The Hyderabadi Hurricanes have 3 games left and have 10 points in the bag. The only job for them is to win every game that they come across and hope Delhi loses any one of its games. This scenario will allow ideal qualification for the Sunrisers. They have 3 games left and the games are against Kolkata, Punjab, and Mumbai Indians. The game against Kolkata and Punjab are virtual knockout games like the one who wins them goes through.  

Delhi Capitals May Qualify for the Playoffs:

The Delhi Capitals have a good chance at qualification. Their situation is the same as the Sunrisers but they have a good NRR in their favor. The team is in a do-or-die situation. Each game is a knockout game for them. The Capitals have qualified for the playoffs in the last 2 years and would want to maintain the streak as well. They are at 10 points with 3 games to go. Their games are against Mumbai Indians, Punjab Kings, and Rajasthan Royals. The game against the Punjab Kings is a virtual qualifier.  

RCB May Qualify for the Playoffs: 

rcb qualification min
IMG SRC: The Indian Express.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore may or may not be able to qualify. They are a team that is at the 4th position in the table but just a slip-up can cost them a lot. They currently are at 14 points with 2 games to go. RCB can at the maximum get 18n points. They have to get 18 points under any circumstance as their NRR is very poor as compared to other teams. So, they can come to 16 points but then will eventually not find a place in the playoffs due to their NRR. It is a do-or-die situation for them as well. Under any circumstance, they have to win both games.  

Rajasthan Royals Must Qualify for the Playoffs in IPL 2022:

It will be ideal for the Rajasthan Royals to qualify for the playoffs. The team is at 14 points with 3 games to spare. They have to win 2 games to ensure qualification but even 1 victory will seal the deal. They have a good NRR and that works in their favor. The 3 games will be against Delhi Capitals, LSG, and CSK. Their game against LSG can decide whether they qualify at number 2 or number 3. Rajasthan will be keen for the top 2 spots as the teams in the top 2 spots get a double shot at qualification for playoffs.  

Lucknow Super Giants Must Qualify for the Playoffs:

The Lucknow Super Giants are sure to get a place in the playoffs. They are currently at 16 points with 2 games to spare. They just have to win any one of the 2 games. The LSG team will however be concerned about being ruthless and qualifying at position 1 or 2. As mentioned earlier the teams placed at number 1 and number 2 get 2 opportunities to be eligible for the final. The Lucknow team management including Gautam Gambhir said in a recent clip that the team needs to have a fighting spirit and it needs to learn to never give up.  

Gujarat Titans have already qualified for the Playoffs in TATA IPL 2022.  

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