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Indian Cricket Team: What is going Wrong in Crucial Matches? 2022. 


The Indian Cricket Team lost 2015, 2016, 2019, and 2017 Knock out games in ICC Tournaments. So, what the hell is going wrong?

The Indian Cricket team in recent times has failed to get over the line in several crucial games. It has failed to make the opportunities count. At times it has gotten so bad, that the pundits tag our beloved national team as the “Chokers”. But on a personal note, that is not the case. Our Indian cricket team is missing out on some crucial points that need to be discussed. The team looks to be complete but yet there are some flaws. So, here is an in-depth look at what has been going wrong for the Indian Cricket team in crucial matches? 

1) Resting of Players due to Consecutive Tours is Costing the Indian Cricket Team: 

Can any of you readers recall the last game where all KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma played together? It was the ICC T20 World Cup 2021! The last time when Jadeja, Bumrah, and Bhuvi played together was also in the same tournament. So, all the big-ticket players rarely come together to play. It doesn’t change the dynamic between these players but “Team-Bonding” takes a hit. The scheduling is so tight that at times even our full-time captain Rohit Sharma cannot play all the games in all the formats.  

2) Absence of Big-Match Players is Costing the Indian Cricket Team: 

We know that Virat Kohli is known for his consistency. We know Rohit will win the match for you on his day. Bumrah will take wickets or be economical in almost every game. But when it comes to the big games, the opposition will have set plans for these big-ticket players. In such games, a player under the radar needs to take responsibility. For example, while all eyes were on Sachin, Sehwag, and Dhoni, Yuvraj calmly did his job and won India the big games like the quarter-final against Australia. Yusuf Pathan is a big match player. Kieron Pollard is also one. 

India currently does have players who can be the so-called, “Big-Match Players”. Rishabh Pant is one name that comes to mind. Yuzvendra Chahal or Deepak Hooda can also be the ones.   

3) Flaws in Selection: 

In recent times, the selection board has always been under scrutiny. The selection board has now become a rejection board. Earlier the process was such that a fixed pool of players was chosen. These players were given a fixed number of chances. But today, one season IPL wonders are directly drafted to the national team. No doubt, experienced players like Dinesh Karthik or Hardik Pandya, have to be drafted to the national team if they make a strong comeback. But for one-season-wonders, is the same rule true?  

Has the IPL become the top league of Indian Cricket? Ranji Trophy performances, SMAT performances, and VJT performances, don’t they count? Ambati Rayudu who had shown immense character and potential as a number 4 batter was not drafted to the final 15 to go to the ICC ODI World Cup in 2019.  

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