ICC ask for shorter IPL

With the immense chatter in the cricket community over the relevance of the ODI format, the ICC has had its first say. But what spiked this chatter was the retirement of an in-form and in-age Ben Stokes. The reason put forth by Ben Stokes was the sustainability of 3-format players and the immense pressure their body is put through. So, what did the ICC, the International Cricket Council have to say about the compressed scheduling? Here is an in-depth look: 

“We did not Have Specific Talks About ODIs”, ICC Chief: 

ICC chief executive Geoff Allardice
ICC chief executive Geoff Allardice (Image source – ICC Cricket)

“About the relevance of ODIs, we talked about the structure of they are incorporated in FTP is countries and fans in different countries have different preferences with regards to formats. I think at this stage there were some discussions not specifically about ODIs but the mix of formats in the year.”, said Geoff Allardice the CEO of the ICC.  

“Lengthy Discussions were held to Discuss the Relevance of ODI”: 

Lengthy discussions have been held to add to the relevance of the ODIs. Countries in their FTPS are still incorporating a healthy number of ODIs. You won’t see a significant change in the number of ODIs or the proportion of ODIs being played.  

Greg Barclay, the chairman of the ICC, “The ICC is facing a strain due to the proliferation of the number of T20 leagues across the globe and with each cricket board having its league. We have got a limited amount of time on the calendar. A lot of cricket is being played through ICC events, bilateral cricket, and T20 Leagues. As far as the tipping point is concerned, I am not sure but there is pressure on the members to wade their way through. What they also need to take into account is that players themselves won’t be certainly able to sustain the amount of cricket that is being played.” 

Did ICC Target the BCCI in this Meeting? 

In one of his statements, the ICC CEO Geoff Allardice remarked how the BCCI has pressurized the ICC to allot the IPL a 2-month window in the calendar. “There are several members who are giving particular attention to their domestic leagues. But the commitment of members to bilateral cricket and commitment to international cricket has been stronger than ever.” The rift between the ICC and the BCCI has been ever increasing off-late. This statement just adds to the same. It would be great to witness in which way the Ganguly-led BCCI team reads the statements. But just as a reminder to the ICC, the overall revenue generated by the BCCI is 50% of the income of the ICC.  

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