Chennai Super Kings is the only team to have reached the playoffs of every IPL season.

Overheard at a coffee shop, two friends were reminiscing some recent interesting aspects of IPL. Aha! Now that is called stirring the hornet’s nest! (Well, here in a positive way of course). We immediately thought “How about an article on some of the most interesting and memory arresting events that have occurred in the past decade of IPL seasons?!!!”. A mere mention of this would result in a flurry of recollections in the mind of any IPL lover.

Some might remember fanatic run chases, some might recollect stupendous run outs. Unfathomable catches or enigmatic bowling. The list is absolutely appetizing. So let’s dive into the main course of those interesting facts and memories of IPL (2009-2019).

Teams that have etched their place in our minds

Born in 2008, the IPL has witnessed teams step in and out of this tournament. Some growing into a giant while some disappearing into anonymity. Here are some facts.

The only IPL team to have……

Chennai Super Kings is the only team to have reached the playoffs of every IPL season. They are the only team to have reached the finals 8 times. Out of which they have won 3 and lost 5 of the finals. Will they repeat history in IPL2020 is yet to be seen.

IPL Teams that made the highest totals in the history of IPL

2010 – CSK trampling down the Rajasthan Royals for 246/5

2013 – RCB decimating the Pune Warriors for 263/5

2016 – RCB’s magisterial win over the Gujarat Lions for 248/3

2018 – KKR made “misti doi” out of KXIP for a score of 245/6

IPL Teams that were showed the way to the pavilion too soon

2009 – When Rajasthan (vs RCB) did not seem too royal as they were all out for 58.

2017 – RCB (vs KKR) all out for 49, not much of a challenge there!

2017 – DD (vs MI) went marching out at 66, something they dare not repeat!

2017 – but they did – DD (vs KXIP) again all out at 67.

IPL Teams (batting first) that won with the largest difference of runs

2013 – RCB (vs PW) won by 130 runs (RCB : 263/5)

2015 – RCB (vs KXIP) won by 138 runs (RCB : 226/3)

2016 – RCB (vs GL) won by 144 runs (RCB : 248/3)

2017 – MI (vs DD) won by 146 runs (MI : 212/3)

IPL Teams (batting second) that won with a high run chase : just when you thought the humongous total made by the first team was match winning – along came the spider!

2012 – CSK beat RCB (score made by RCB : 205/8)

2014 – KXIP beat SRH (score made by SRH : 205/5)

2017 – DD beat GL (score made by GL : 208/7)

2018 – CSK beat RCB (score made by RCB : 205/8)

IPL Teams (batting first) defending the lowest scores : when you thought the team playing first was sure to lose – along came the lightning bolt!

2009 – CSK (116/9) contain KXIP at (92/8)

2009 – KXIP (119/8) put the brakes on MI (116/7)

2012 – MI (120/9) defeat PWI (119/6)

2013 – SRH (119/8) defeat PWI (108/10)

2018 – SRH (119/8) halt MI at (87)

And finally…….

The IPL team that has stood 1st in this epic competition

Mumbai Indians : 4 times (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019)

Chennai Super Kings  : 3 times (2010, 2011, 2018)

Kolkata Knight Riders : 2 times (2012, 2014)

Now! Did we just take you on a roller coaster ride of memories? That’s not all, in our next article we shall explore all the memorable records made by individual players of the teams. Till then, Cheers!