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Do not watch India vs. Pakistan cricket match if you have a weak heart. This disclaimer seems awkward to hear, but it is still valid. Good afternoon, fellow toastmasters and guests. I am Pankaj Jha, and today I will take you through the Last Over thriller of one of India vs. Pakistan matches that were played during the T20 World Cup 2022 on October 23 in Australia.

Let me ask a question. Do you watch the match when it’s between India and Pakistan?

Trust me, I don’t have the courage to watch matches between India and Pakistan. Even so, I haven’t watched the full India innings of that match. When Team India lost three wickets for only 31 runs, I stopped watching the match and went outside with my friend. In the end, we heard a loud noise; it was 6 from King Kohli, and we rushed home. Let’s watch at least the last few balls. When I reached home, my friends were clapping and jumping. There were two huge sixes from Virat Kohli on Harris Rauf’s ball.

When the last over of the match started, Hardik Pandya was at the striker’s end, and 16 runs were required in 6 balls to win this match. On the Pakistan side, after a lot of discussions, Pakistan captain Babar Azam gave the ball to Mohammad Nawaz to finish this match. Huh.. 16 runs only in 6 balls? It is not a tough thing to do these days in T20 cricket. But it was going to be a high-voltage drama.

Cricket Match Last Over Thriller: India vs. Pakistan

The first ball of the last over

Mohammad Nawaz threw a ball to Hardik Pandya. out! We were expecting at least four, but it was a wash. My friend said, “I told you we should be outside only.” My wife said, “You should be out of the gate.” But I planned to stick with TV. The man in blue is not giving up, so why should I? I want to watch whatever it is now and support my team.

Dinesh Karthik for Team India arrived at the striker’s end. Karthik got only one run. By now, King Kohli was on the batting side, and we were hoping for a miracle, but Kohli was able to manage only 2 runs. I was so nervous and thrilled. At that time, India needed 13 runs in three balls.

The fourth ball of the last over

We needed a miracle to win this high-pressure match, and a miracle happened. The next ball was a no-ball and a six from Virat Kohli. India team fans across the world went crazy. What a relief!

Virat Kohli in India vs Pakistan match - Australia
Virat Kohli in India vs Pakistan match – Australia (image Source- Twitter)

The pressure was now on the bawling side. It was a free hit. The next ball was a wide ball, so the free hit remains valid. The following ball was a direct hit to the stumps, and the ball went towards the boundary. Virat Kohli took advantage of the big playground and added three runs for India.

Wow, what a movement! It’s unusual to see such beautiful crickets. Now it looks like an easy win for India. There were only two runs needed in two balls. But it was not possible without the next level of drama. Karthik was not able to connect on the shot on the next ball, and he was out.

Oh my God, what a super thrill! Virat Kohli was on the non-striker side, and it was now Ravi Chandran Aswin who was the hope for 145 crore Indians. This was wide on the leg side, and Ashwin stayed in his crease and let it go. At least the scores were equal. The India team won a thriller match on the last ball.

Then the celebration started. India! India! It was a Virat and Hardik gift for all Indians.

Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya were the heroes of this match. Virat Kohli scored 82 runs and stood on the crease till the end. Hardik scored 40 and also took three important wickets. From watching this, I learned a great lesson: never give up. Live your passion. Win or lose, both are parts of life, but when planned and executed well, no one can stop you.