ASIA CUP India Celebration In 2018
ASIA CUP India Celebration In 2018 | Image - BCCI

Team India is rocking with their recent performance in England and West Indies. Now, this is the time for the India cricket team to be ready for the upcoming ASIA CUP 2022 in UAE from 27 August 2022. For fast-paced T20 international cricket, all-rounders are the key to winning any match in this format. IPL helps BCCI to produce so many great all-rounders in the last few years. The team India has to face the biggest rival team Pakistan in UA so BCCI must be watching the performance to decide whom they can select for the team. In this article, we have come up with these 3 all-rounders who must be part of team India squad in ASIA CUP 2022 in UAE to win the title.