Asia Cup 2022
Players to Watch out for in India vs Pakistan match in ASIA CUP 2022

Asia Cup 2022: The India-Pakistan match of the Asia Cup is supposedly going to be played on the 28th of August. The massive amount of anticipations and expectations have already begun to come in from the fans of both nations on various social media platforms. The rivalry between India and Pakistan is nothing new since it’s been taking place for several years in the past. Both these teams have contested on the cricket pitch for uncountable times before this and have provided Cricket lovers with some moments to cherish in this process. 

It’s just the unexplainable agony and suspense that takes place in a match between these two sides which makes this rivalry better than any other on the planet. It’s time for us to take a quick look at the top 3 players to watch out for in the upcoming Asia Cup match between these two arch rivals:-