3 Unbreakable Records of AB de Villiers that aren’t likely to be broken anytime soon
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3 Unbreakable Records of AB de Villiers: Abraham Benjamin de Villiers, the name that not only rings in the ear of his fans and his teammates but also haunts the opposition bowlers. The cricketer for whom the protection of five fielders outside the 30-yard circle appears to be feeble. Barring AB de Villiers the modern era cricket has never produced a genius who can play outrageous shots all around the park with the never-ending range of shots.

“Mr 360”, the cricketer who is solely enough to torment the opposition in a matter of few deliveries. When a cricket expert says, “I demand a DNA test for AB de Villiers, this game is only for humans,” about a cricketer who just plays his natural game but for the opposition, it becomes nothing short of destruction.

AB de Villiers has been phenomenal for himself, for his fans and for every team he has been a part of. The words are not enough to express how “MR 360” used to bat, what fans used to feel when he walks out in the middle and more importantly, how the bowler and opposite team used to feel when he begins his innings.

You know, when someone who has the skillset of Jasprit Bumarh gets whacked for huge sixes, the batter is certainly not a human. It’s absolutely ridiculous to say de Villiers didn’t possess human genes. He surely does but had alien sparks or superpowers added to it.

The South African cricket legend has retired from all forms of cricket on 19th November. He wrote in his retirement statement that, “at the age of 37, that flame no longer burns so brightly.”

Having seen him playing cricket for so long, it’s extremely hard to say goodbye, especially when there is no farewell for him. The one thing that hurts the most is our favourite legends getting off from the game of cricket without even getting a well-deserved send-off.

As described earlier, AB de Villiers was a monster with whom the bowlers feared the most. The daunting cricketer had several records registered against his name that aren’t likely to be broken anytime soon unless there is a second de Villiers or de Villiers himself in the middle of the park. This very article will take you through the top 3 Unbreakable records from AB de Villiers.

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3 Unbreakable Records from AB de Villiers that aren’t likely to be broken anytime soon:

Fastest fifty, century and 150 in ODI Cricket:

AB de Villiers holds the records of fastest fifty, century and 150 in One Day International Cricket. For someone who wants to break it, every single star in the sky needs to be aligned perfectly in your favour to achieve it.

Some might go past de Villiers as the fastest 50, some might break his fastest 100 records or even fastest 150 runs feat in ODI cricket, but achieving them all at the same time is highly unlikely.

The South African smacked 50 runs in just 16 deliveries, a century in mere 31 balls and 150 in 64 balls. It is important to note that all these three records were created in the same calendar year, making things impossible for the one eying to break it.

Most centuries in less than 75 Balls:

Scoring runs in the field of cricket is definitely not easy, especially when you are facing the mighty speedsters and tweakers. It gets more tricky when you try to score run a ball and more so to go past run a ball.

It’s not effortless to keep your strike rate and dot balls in control, but AB de Villiers has done it. Not once, not twice but nine times in his career. Though there are a few more cricketers who have scored centuries in less than 75 balls, no one has more than de Villiers.

AB has as many as nine tons against his name in fewer than 75 deliveries. The second on the list is Jos Buttler with seven of them under 75 deliveries.

5000 ODI runs at the highest strike rate and average:

When you count the number of batsmen who have crossed the 5,000 runs mark in ODI cricket, you find plenty of names in that list. Let’s make the criteria a little strict, scoring over 5,000 runs with an average of 50+, the list shrinks and the list of players get reduced to one name when it comes to scoring 5000 runs in ODI with an average of over 50 and strike rate of over 100.

AB de Villiers is the man who has achieved this feat. People have tried to come closer to AB’s flamboyance but have failed.

There are the names who have this very record but strike just below 100. There are a few who have a strike rate of over 100 and ever more than 100 with 5,000 ODI runs but their average drops below 50.


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