Rohit Sharma is already waiting in wings to take the T20I captaincy, says Ravi Shastri
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Rohit Sharma has been very calm and composed with the statements that he makes in the media post being appointed as the Indian captain. But on the eve of the 4th test match against Australia, the Indian captain did not hold back his remarks. It was Ravi Shastri who criticized Rohit Sharma and team India on air while commentating for Star TV Network. Shastri went on to say that team India was overconfident in the 3rd Test match which they lost on a rank turner. Here is what Rohit Sharma had to say in response: 

Ravi Shastri Says Indian Team was “Overconfident” in the 3rd Test: 

Ravi Shastri and Rohit Sharma
The previous head coach, Ravi Shastri was very critical of the Indian cricket team’s attitude in the 3rd Test match. IMG SRC: BCCI

“This is what a little complacency and a little bit of overconfidence can do where you take things for granted, you drop guard and this game will bring you down.”, Shastri said while covering the game live for the Star TV Network. Shastri has been the team manager since 2014 and was also the coach of the Indian cricket team for 4 years from 2017 to 2021. He has seen how cricket has evolved and he is not new to the pressure and standard of the game. These comments of such a well-aware person did not go down very well with Indian skipper Rohit Sharma.  

Rohit Sharma Calls Ravi Shastri’s Remark “Rubbish”: 

Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma
Rohit has had a very good equation with the coaches but this statement of the previous head coach did not go down well with him! IMG SRC: BCCI

Rohit has been very calm when answering such tough questions in the past. He had been earlier asked about his possible rift with Virat and also about dropping Virat Kohli, but Rohit Sharma has answered these questions with composure. But this time, the Indian skipper did not hold back and expressed what he truly felt.  

“Honestly when you win two games and the people on the outside feel we are overconfident, it’s absolutely “rubbish” because you want to do your best in all 4 games.”, Rohit said. He further added, “You don’t want to stop by winning two games, it is as simple as that. Obviously, all these guys when they talk about being overconfident and all and especially when they are not a part of the dressing room, they don’t know what sort of talk happens in the dressing room.” 


Rohit Sharma Refers to Ravi Shastri as an “Outsider”: 

In a very one-of-a-kind statement from Sharma, he went on to refer to Shastri as an “outsider”. He said, “We want to do our best in all games and if it seems overconfident, or anything like that for the “outsiders”, it doesn’t matter to us.” Further Rohit added, “So, yeah it’s about being “ruthless” and not being “overconfident”. Ruthless is a word that comes to every cricketer’s mind, not to give an inch to the opposition while touring abroad”.

The 4th game will begin at 9:30 am on 9 March 2023. The venue is the newly built Shri. Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Stick with for all the latest updates.  

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