India VS Australia 2023

India VS Australia 2023 series is becoming a nail-biting encounter. The Australians are coming back into the series after a victory in the third test match. The series currently stands 2-1 in favor of India. But if India wants to comprehensively qualify for the WTC final, they will have to defeat Australia in the last and final game which is supposed to be held at Ahmedabad. Here is a look at what the Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid had to say in the pre-match press conference: 

India VS Australia 2023: “Have To Improve in Both, Batting and Bowling” Says Rahul Dravid: 

The Indian Cricket team evidently struggled with the ball in hand in the second innings of the third test match. But there were only 78 runs on the board and to put pressure on the opposition with only those many runs, is a tough ask. The batting performance in the third test was not upto the mark. And Rahul Dravid pointed out the same before the India VS Australia 2023 4th test.

India VS Australia 2023
India were clearly played out in both the forms of the game by Australia. IMG SRC: BCCI

He said, “We will have to work both on batting and bowling (departments). If you see the Indore Test, 109 runs in the first innings were not good enough. If we had scored 60-70 runs more, it would have been good. We also allowed them a few extra runs in the first innings in that situation and those conditions. So we will have to do better in both the areas of the game.”. The India VS Australia 2023 4th Test begins on March 9.

Rahul Dravid Says, “Have to be Realistic About Good Performances”: 

India VS Australia 2023
The pitches have always been a talking point and they are not batter friendly in any case. IMG SRC: BCCI

Rahul Dravid also emphasized how it was necessary to be realistic about what a “good performance” is on these kinds of wickets. The pitch in Indore was a rank turner and the batter found it very difficult. Expecting someone to get a 100 on that wicket is something that seems unrealistic.


This is what he had to say based on the same lines, “It’s just really about being realistic about what is a good performance on some of the challenging wickets that we are playing on. Not only here, but I think over the last many matches. I mean I think if you look at the last three or four years all over the world, I think wickets have generally, you know I think, got a lot more challenging”. The India VS Australia 2023 series hangs in balance at 2-1 and Aussies will be keen to level the series.

India VS Australia 2023: Rahul Dravid Settles Bharat and Kishan Debate: 

There is also a word around that Ishan Kishan, the better batter must be chosen ahead of Srikar Bharat. Bharat made his debut in the first test match against Australia. Before that, he had dominated 3 to 4 Ranji seasons and had been traveling across the globe with the India A team. In terms of wicket-keeping skills, he is one of the best too. The India VS Australia 2023 series saw some of his best as a keeper. 

On that argument, Rahul Dravid said, “We are not (concerned) and it again comes to a question of perspective and understanding of some of the challenges and conditions that he (Bharat) has kept in and even though it’s not a big contribution, but he (Bharat) got 17 in the first innings”. Bharat is batting at an average of 14.25 in this series and hence he is under the pump of the critics.  

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