IPL 2020: Dream11 Story And Logo for IPL2020

Dream11 sports fantasy company is the new Title sponsorship for the IPL this year 2020. BCCI awarded IPL 2020 sponsorship title in 222 Crores which is very less compare to VIVO suppose to pay 450 Crores. But in this short period of time this was the best chose and highest bid by the interested companies.

So now VIVO IPL 2020 is Dream11 IPL 2020. The new log also published by BCCI.

Dream11 IPL 2020 Logo
Dream11 IPL 2020 Logo

What Deam11 will get by this IPL 2020 sponsorship title achievement?

Dream11 was founded by by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008. This is an Indian company which becomes very popular in last 3 years. There are 50 million + download of the Dream11 APK across India and World. By this new IPL 2020 Title sponsorship Deam11 will reach more people and also become a bigger brand for Fancy sports.

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