Finally, the much awaited IPL 2020, Season 13, is all ready to take off on September 19th, 2020.  If everything goes as planned, we are set to have the grand finale on November 10th, 2020. This confirmation coming from the Chairman of the IPL Governing Council, Brijesh Patel, has splashed jubilant faces across the world of cricket fans!

IPL 2020 Cup New Schedule
IPL 2020 Confirmed in UAE 3

IPL 2020 in UAE Dubai

The news is confirmed that the tournament will be held in the UAE. They are just waiting for a few clearances from the government.

The BCCI had been contemplating for quite a while whether or not to host the IPL 2020 in India (as decided earlier) due to the intense outbreak of corona virus in the Indian subcontinent. Meanwhile, the Emirates Cricket Board is heard to have contacted the BCCI with an offer to host this mega event, assuring that all the infrastructure needed for the game is in place. The offer was accepted by the BCCI.

ICC T20 World Cup Canceled open Door for IPL 2020

It’s a matter of chance that this time slot was available for the BCCI. ICC’s Men’s T20 World Cup that was slotted to take off in Australia on October 18th was postponed giving rise to an opportunity to host the IPL 2020.

As they say, when one door closes, another opens, here we are finally with one of our favourite tournaments – the IPL 2020!

Saurav BCCI President
IPL 2020 Confirmed in UAE 4

Details about the teams, the schedule of the entire tournament and the method of conducting the tournament will be meticulously planned in the coming few days by the IPL Governing Council.

This news is sure to leave cricket fans all around the world going gung-ho!

IPL 2020 What Next

Further details regarding the plan of departure for teams and the full schedule of the tournament will be chalked out at the IPL Governing Council meeting next week. But hurdles of all sorts are bound to arise.

  • – First of all, for the tournament to begin in September, the players have to reach the hosting country a month prior to the commencement of the series. They need to have enough practice sessions as they have been out of it for nearly six months.
  • – Providing a quarantined space for the 1000 odd people who are going to fly in, arranging for their tests to be done other than hiring private planes to fly them down is another challenge. Owners of the teams are being expected to pitch in with what ever help possible.

So hoping to hear from the BCCI soon in order to get more clarity on these issues.

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