IPL 2023

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has begun. This tournament has set the football world on fire. We are seeing some of the best goals and some of the top gameplay in this tournament. However, we have also seen lower-rank teams, give a tough time to high-ranking teams. Saudi Arabia beat Argentina and Japan beat Germany. The South Koreans managed to draw level with Uruguay. So, which teams have the highest FIFA ranking? Here is a look: 

Brazil is the Number 1 Ranked Team at the FIFA World Cup: 

FIFA World Cup 2023
IMG SRC: Brazil Football

Brazilians are currently ranked number 1. And they showed their prowess against Serbia. They have insane squad depth. Off-late they have had great international tournaments. They were runners-up at the Copa America 2020. The team plays well as a unit. They have many leaders in the group. They also have a good balance of youth and experience. Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, and Neymar Jr bring the much-required experience. 

Belgium is the Number 2 Ranked Team at the FIFA World Cup: 

Belgium is highly ranked as always but fails to convert the on-paper potential to on-field performance. They have a great set of players too. Alderweld and Vertonghen are the back walls. They have the likes of De Bruyne in the midfield. De Bruyne is the best midfielder on the globe. As a strike force, they have Batshuayi and Romelu Lukaku. Eden and Thorgan Hazard are their assets too. This unit plays as a team and brings out cumulative performances. They are not “one-man” shows. 

Argentina is the Number 3 Ranked Team at the FIFA World Cup: 

FIFA World Cup 2023
IMG SRC: Argentina Football

Enough is said about the Argentines in my previous articles. Argentina has it all and is correctly ranked at number 3. They had an unbeaten run on 36 games before losing to Saudi Arabia. In the game against Saudi Arabia as well, they had a firm hold in the first half. They have a good balance of experience and youth. But the absence of their players due to injury has cost them. Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria bring the much-required experience in attack. Lisandro Martinez and Rodrigo De Paul, bring the youth spirit. 

France is ranked number 4: 

FIFA World Cup
IMG SRC: French Football

France is playing good football at the World Cup. Before the FIFA World Cup, they were struggling. They were struggling to find the rhythm and the chemistry that they had earlier. But a point to be noted is that this French squad doesn’t have the likes of Kante, Pogba, and Kimpembe. All these star players are out due to injury. But due to their insane squad depth, the French Football association did not feel any pangs.  

England is ranked number 5: 

England is always on top of the charts. They had an elite Euros 2020 tournament. They were the best team in the tournament. They also deserved to win, but when the game goes down to penalties, it becomes a matter of luck. England has good chemistry and a good squad depth too. Their squad is so deep that Phil Foden has to start on the bench. They have 2 players per position. Aaron Wan-Bissaka hasn’t even made it to the squad of the top 26 players. Now that speaks volumes of the depth.  

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