BCCI runs ICC and Pakistan Cricket Board, says PCB chair, Ramiz Raza

BCCI runs ICC and Pakistan Cricket Board, says PCB chair, Ramiz Raza.

Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB’s) chairman Ramiz Raza on Friday emphasised how poor and feeble Pakistan’s cricket economy is. The former cricketer said that the Indian cricket board runs the entire ICC and the PCB, in a way.

Raza asserted that India’s authoritativeness is the main reason why none of the other ICC member countries doesn’t stand against them. Further, he opined that if someday the Indian government plans to trigger the crumble of Pakistan cricket, they can easily do so with the potential they possess.

According to PCB chairman, PCB’s 50 per cent revenue comes from the ICC and ICC’s almost 90 per cent revenue comes from the Indian audience/market and BCCI.

“The PCB gets 50 per cent of its funding from the ICC. The ICC conducts tournaments and the income generated from them is distributed among its member boards,” Raja told the Senate Standing Committee.

“Now, 90 per cent of the ICC funding is generated from the Indian market. In other words, Indian business houses are running Pakistan cricket. If tomorrow, the Indian Prime Minister decides that they will not fund Pakistan cricket, there’s a possibility that the PCB can collapse.”

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Pakistan Cricket has been left alone and dry after the recent withdrawal of England and New Zealand from their lined-up tours to Pakistan owing to security threats. New Zealand pulled back from the Pakistan tour just minutes before the toss of their first Pakistan vs New Zealand fixture.

The country, which was looking to cope up after a decade of isolation from the ICC members, was left betrayed by its closest allies. Pakistan Cricket feels deceived after New Zealand and England pull out. 

Raza further told that no country will step up against India owing to its supreme power financially and on the field as well.

“Australia will not stand up to them (India). No country will stand up to them. You saw what happened – they (New Zealand) packed up and left in two minutes.  That’s because they don’t have their own interest in playing in Pakistan, as our cricketing economy is not that strong,” Raja told the Senate Standing Committee.

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