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Who will win India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2022 clash? Ricky Ponting answers


Who will win India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2022 clash? Ricky Ponting answers: The India vs Pakistan match in the Asia Cup 2022 is currently the most-banked on fixture by cricket fans across the globe. The high-octane clash between India and Pakistan tempts the eyeballs of every keen viewer of cricket. The battle that began with the prevailing border tensions between the two nations, has been evenly translated to the game of cricket as well.

India and Pakistan will lock horns at Dubai International Stadium, a day after the Asia Cup 2022 opener, which is on the 27th of August. While a number of cricket experts have voiced their predictions as to who will emerge as the winner of the battle.

Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting has been the latest one to join the prediction bandwagon as he weighs India more to emerge triumphant against neighbours, Pakistan.

Ponting, who is a keen observant of cricket, reckons with better depth of the Indian side and a balanced squad, he is banking on in the Men in Blues to defeat Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022.

“I will stick with India to win that clash against Pakistan. Their depth is definitely better than the other teams and I think India will win the Asia Cup,” said Ricky Ponting on the latest episode of ICC Review.

India has become such a massive name in the world of cricket that it’s hard to go past them in any event.

“It is always hard to go past India in any tournament, not just an Asia Cup, but I think every time we talk about the T20 World Cup which is coming up, I think that India will be right in the thick of it there,” he added.

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India and Pakistan haven’t played bilateral matches since January 2013. It’s been around a decade that the India-Pakistan meetings are restricted to just ICC and Asian events. 

“To be totally honest it is one that we have been starved of, have not we … looking back the last 15 or 20 years. As a cricket lover like I am and a cricket observer, any time those sorts of battles come up it is almost always nice to sit back and watch because everything just goes up a notch, doesn’t it?” he said.

So far, we have seen India and Pakistan fixtures in the ODI and T20Is since the last bilateral series in 2013. However, there is a slight chance that the two teams can make it to the final of the ICC World Test Championship and we might get to watch some classic red ball battles.

“When I think about rivalries, Australia and England and Ashes cricket is the pinnacle I have always thought of for our Test match game. I am sure India and Pakistanis will say the same about that and the actual rivalry would be the pinnacle of Test match cricket for those two countries as well,” he said.

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