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What Keeps Viewers Watching in the IPL?

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Cricket season is already upon us, which means we’ll all be enjoying barbecues and picnics while watching the matches. Even people that don’t love sport have heard of the Ashes, but it’s down to more knowledgeable fans to enjoy the IPL. While most cricket fans can agree that it’s absolutely riveting, what is it exactly that keeps fans watching the IPL?

It’s Exciting

One of the biggest reasons that watching IPL cricket is so addictive is because it’s exciting. The IPL has a huge number of great players that are known the world over, which makes it difficult to call which team is going to win. It’s usually a fairly tight competition and this allows fans to get caught up in the excitement of trying to predict what is going to happen next and who might just have the edge to be able to win. Unless you’re supporting the team that always wins, a game with a foregone conclusion just isn’t as exciting.

Everyone Can Get Involved

With websites like Sports Adda – India’s go-to site for cricket scores, news and videos, showing a range of news stories, live scores and videos it’s possible for anyone, from anywhere to follow the game. It even means that those who missed watching the game because of commitments can catch up on where the game is score-wise and how their favourite players have done. This accessibility allows everyone to join in and get excited by the IPL and this has helped it stay so popular.

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Over the year’s cricket fans’ interest in the IPL has continued to skyrocket, and with this, it’s become more commonplace for online gambling companies to offer the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the matches. IPL cricket games are usually exciting anyway but when you place a bet you become even more invested in the match. You suddenly watch each player’s every move to see if they’re going to get you closer to victory with their performance. Placing a bet ups the stakes in a game, which in turn is always going to get you more invested.

It’s Family Friendly

IPL cricket is a great competition to watch with your family too, so it provides the perfect opportunity to get your loved ones together for some quality time. Cricket is a huge part of spending time with your family and friends; most sport-loving families have grown up playing cricket together on a beach on holiday or in a local field on weekends. It’s one of those games that’s easy to understand and everyone can join in with, so you’re more able to follow along when you’re watching the cricket on TV. Pack up a picnic, or organise a barbecue in your back garden and invite all of your friends and family to join.

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You can watch the match together, critique the players from the comfort of your deck chair and catch up on each other’s lives in the quieter parts of the game. Even if you can’t be together at the moment, watching IPL is still something that the whole family can get involved in. IPL cricket is broadcast online which allows your whole family to watch it, wherever they are in the world. Set up a watch party on Zoom, buy in some drinks or your favourite snacks and make an evening of it!

IPL cricket is an incredibly addictive sport to watch, whether you’re watching alone or making an event of the match with your family or friends. Pour a drink, place a few bets and get ready to cheer your favourite players!

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